Is it a good idea not to continue with Fantastic Animals? – Spoiler Time

A few weeks ago it was made public in various media that the possible closure of the prequel saga of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Fantastic Animals), would come with the third installment. The news surprised fans because they expected, or expect, the 5 deliveries of David yates, who entered the magical world of JK Rowling from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

In this article I will mention whether or not it is a good idea to close the saga with the third movie they are filming, trying to use certain aspects and thus reach a conclusion.

Positive points

We must first remember that the writer participated in these films JK Rowling in the realization of the script, this being a negative point both on the part of the critics and some sectors of the public because some thought that the development of the story was somewhat flat and even with a slow pace. The pace of the sequel improves slightly.

The main point was to show the “fantastic animals”, something they did achieve in the first installment, and the way in which they are cared for by Newt Scamander.

The protagonist Eddie Redmayne did a good role at the beginning of the saga, showing a shy character but who has the necessary knowledge to get ahead in his project, the book that they would use years later in Hogwarts: the good explanation of those creatures that appeared little by little, mentioning the abilities of each one of them.

The characters already known appear in their stage of teachers as Dumbledore, who shows another aspect, like McGonagal.

The reasons why Muggles or non-wizards should not know about wizards and those who decide this point are shown.

There are equally interesting scenarios that transport you to that magical world and, of course, characters that have strong characteristics to stand out as the story progresses.

The villain of Depp, it turned out to be very good since the actor needed this character, Grindelwald, to get rid of Jack Sparrow. The villains who follow him turn out to be well worked.

We were able to see one of the important characters mentioned in Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, that is to say, Nicolas Flamel.

2 Negative points of both deliveries

The pace is slow in the first installment. There is no evolution of the characters like Creedence, who is still very flat and does not convey interest as was originally done with others who did have important moments.

Villains are not harnessed or further developed, who could explode at various times, but are instead just “simple servers that will be quickly wiped out and forgotten.”

Scamander He is very shy and we don’t see the moment when he becomes a little more open, more determined.

The character of Quenni it doesn’t convey anything, it even becomes unnecessary and sometimes a bit unbearable.

Despite seeing more spells in the sequel, they do them simply when needed as if they are known to the public rather than perhaps explaining the function of each one, as was done in the original saga.

Making some characters have family ties turns out to be absurd as there is no justification. All as a pretext to create something else since there are no better ideas to develop a good story.

The plot is a bit slow and it is about lengthening the sequel around characters like Leta Lestrange, whose history is unnecessarily long. Also the intervention of Nagini, handled like a maledictus just to have more material on screen, it was something very simple, since the character is not used in such a way as to exploit his abilities … If he is already there, at least he should look … and he has reasons to do so! !

The director’s selection was controversial since there are more that can enter this magical world and bring something more fantastic to surprise the public such as Guillermo Del Toro placeholder image. Director David yates He pigeonholed himself by following a line without daring to explore or create something bigger, which is why he still has a certain blockage for something better.


The best is that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them be closed with the third installment because we have good points within both previous films, but unfortunately there are more negatives.

Surely if you are a fan of Harry Potter you will say “it’s just the second installment, they can’t do everything with these two”; I could answer you, I would answer you ‚Äúthen how with Harry Potter did they catch the public from the first installment and not only those who read the books but those who didn’t read them? ” And yes, it was possible at that time to tell a good story, it was adapted as best as possible and we had interesting moments as well as characters that knew how to be developed, something that has not been possible with Fantastic Animals.

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Is it a good idea not to continue with Fantastic Animals? – Spoiler Time