James McAvoy improvised the whole movie because they didn’t give him a script

My Son: James McAvoy improvised the whole movie because they didn’t give him a script

In the last hours James McAvoy has become a trend, and this new wave goes beyond the rumors of his possible return to superhero cinema, but now within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What has attracted attention in particular is not strictly the new film in which he stars, but his work as an actor. And it is that it has been presumed that for this character he did not obtain any type of script.

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My Son is a remake of the French film The Search (60%) released in 2017 starring Guillaume Canet (director of Engaño (53%), Little White Lies (42%) and Rock’n ‘Roll, in which he also acted). This new version is by the same filmmaker as the original, Christian Carion (Silent Night (74%)), but with a strategy that not only captures the attention of critics and the audience, but also imposes a significant challenge on its protagonist.

It has been reported in various media that this drama will be a pure representation of improvisation, seeking for its main character to experience firsthand the emotions of the character, surprise, uncertainty and fear, exploring that popular strategy of the “method actor” based on the system created by Konstantin Stanislavski that seeks to encourage sincere performances by exploring real emotions. This technique is more common to use in theater, and when it has been taken to the cinema it did not involve an entire performance taken without a script.

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McAvoy’s acting ability is not in doubt, remembering his work in Fragmented (75%) where he plays several characters within himself is enough, but this goes much further. James plays a divorced father who has practically forgotten his family for focusing on his work, however, after receiving a call from his ex-wife saying that his son is missing, things change.

When he learns that what he is facing is a kidnapping, the protagonist sets off to begin a search himself, which will lead him to discover things about his family that he had no idea about. All this was experienced by the actor at the time of filming, because he did not know how the story would end or what other events awaited him, nor did he even have dialogues to learn. According to reports, the other members of the production and the cast, which includes Claire Foy (The Crown (90%)), did have a script that would help them direct the character in a specific path.

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The actor had at least the opportunity to meet his character, his history and basic elements to get into it. That without knowing if he had the opportunity to see the original movie. Many have speculated that this is nothing more than a strategy to attract public to the platform Peacock, which acquired the rights to the film for distribution, but be that as it may, the film has not yet been released and it already has the public’s attention.

It is true that improvisation on the big screen is not something new, there are several iconic scenes that were not written in several films, but here we are talking about major leagues where the entire performance of the actor is improvised from beginning to end. My Son opens on September 15. Meanwhile, the social media also continues the conversation about whether we will see each other again. James McAvoy como Charles Xavier en Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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James McAvoy improvised the whole movie because they didn’t give him a script