Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck return to red carpet as a couple

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially Bennifer all over again.

The pair were one of the most famous power-couples of the 2000s, even though their relationship only lasted 18 months between 2002 and 2004. Now, they’re back together.

Stefania D’AlessandroGetty Images

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The duo have been dating since around April or May of this year, with photos of the two together again coming out in June.

But now they have taken to the red carpet as a couple for the first time in about 18 years, with their last movie premiere appearance being the major critical and commercial failure Gigli, which they both starred in.

ben affleck and jennifer lopez at the venice international film festival

Stefania D’AlessandroGetty Images

This time the couple were in Italy for the Venice International Film Festival, where Affleck’s new film The Last Duel was being shown. Directed by Ridley Scott and also starring Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, it’s about the last legally-sanctioned duel in French history, as a knight challenges his squire to a fight over an accusation of rape.

Speaking of Damon, the Jason Bourne actor recently commented on the Bennifer reunion, stating: “I’m just so happy for him. He’s the best. He deserves every happiness in the world. I’m glad for both of them.”

ben affleck and jennifer lopez at the venice international film festival

Stefania D’AlessandroGetty Images

After the couple called off their engagement in 2004, Ben and Jen went on to get married to, have children with, and then divorce Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony, respectively.

It was recently reported that Lopez will be starring in and producing an upcoming thriller called The Mother, which is about an assassin who comes out of hiding in order to protect the daughter that she gave up years ago.

Following Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Affleck is returning as Batman for The Flash, as well as making a sequel to The Accountant and reuniting with George Clooney on a new film.

The Last Duel is set for release in October.

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