John Krasinski directs ‘A Quiet Place 2’: “I totally believe in a higher power”

John Krasinski and his wife, actress Emily Blunt, at the premiere of ‘A Quiet Place 2’ in New York on March 8.

He directs his wife, actress Emily Blunt, in the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’: “I am very afraid of the world my children will find in the future”

‘A quiet place 2’ comes to the screens, where John Krasinski (Boston, 41 years old) returns to direct his wife, the actress Emily Blunt (London, 38 years old), who stars in the film alongside him. After sweeping the North American box office, becoming the first film to cross the $ 100 million line in the post-covid world, the director returns to terrorize us with his silences.

The film continues the story of the Abbott family in a world threatened by sound-attacking creatures. Krasinski writes and directs the sequel to the 2018 hit, which begins in the wake of his character’s death, and explores how his wife and children must move on without him. Krasinski, a kind guy and one of George Clooney’s best friends, has been married since 2010 to Emily Blunt, with whom he has two daughters, Hazel and Violet, ages 7 and 4 respectively. Through the back door of Hollywood he has been building his path as a filmmaker for which he has the advantage of being able to hire his wife in the leading role of his films. Performer, screenwriter and director, Krasinski welcomed us to talk about a film that forced him to overcome his own fears.

-What did you feel when faced with the challenge of filming again with your wife?

-It is always wonderful to work with Emily because she is one of the best actresses of the moment. I’m not just saying it, any other director would tell you. I would not have been able to make this film without my team, without counting on all the departments that make up the production. Behind this film there are many people, more than 300 people who have worked side by side with me. When she signed on for the movie, we started having conversations about how difficult it is to be silent. At home we played live in silence as a joke. Then it turned into a serious conversation, because we understood how difficult it was not to make a sound. Emily and I approached the shoot with the same honesty with which we lived our marriage. We decided to be honest with each other from day one.

-Why did you decide to make this film?

-The public has the answer. They’ve been asking for this sequel and when the audience asks you to, you just give in to their wishes. I am very grateful for the result of the first installment and I hope you like this second part as much as the first.

-How did you come up with the premise of the second part?

-With the hypothesis of what would happen to this family team after losing the father. This is a metaphor for the unfulfilled promises parents make to their children and what happens when those promises are broken. The silences continue to create uncertainty and suspense. This is a hopeful futuristic dream. I have children and I am very afraid of the world they will find in the future.


Trailer of ‘A quiet place 2’.

-Do you like the horror genre?

-No. In fact, these kinds of movies scare me. One day, shooting ‘The Office’, Craig Daniel told me ‘Your job is not to deliver the lines with humor, your job is to simply deliver the lines. If people later find you funny, it will be up to them. ‘ It sounds like little advice, but it’s really huge and I’ve been practicing it my entire career. I could never have made these two movies without that advice. I have written about a family that gets public attention because they are scared of what is happening to them. It is up to the public to be afraid.

– Were you able to desensitize yourself?

-Yes. Directing broke the spell of being afraid.

Review ‘A quiet place 2’:

-Is this a movie for people who normally don’t go to horror movies?

-I knew that if my mother liked this movie, because there was something much bigger behind it, the public would like it. One of the ideas of this family is to portray each one in front of their own trauma. Each character has their own journey, even without straying from each other. As a psychologist told me, this is a family that needs to talk and literally cannot.

-In horror movies, female protagonists often scream. And Hitchcock was up for it, but you won’t let Emily.

-It was something I thought a lot about. There is a delicate balance in thrillers about how much people can tolerate. In this case, in addition, you meet two new characters who are very interesting to feed the complexity of the suspense.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in ‘A Quiet Place 2’.

-What can you say about the work of Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou?

-They are key characters in the narrative, but I do not want to reveal their role in the story because it would take away the emotion from the audience. It has been an honor for me that they both wanted to participate in this sequel because they are two fabulous actors. They have responded very well to what we have asked of them

-Your films are metaphors about the occult …

-I am very spiritual and I totally believe in a higher power, but even if I totally believe in Catholicism, I don’t believe in a concrete answer. I never understood how a religion can write a manual of guilt, sadness or fear. When you understand religion as a guide rather than a command, you free yourself, at least that happened to me.


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John Krasinski directs ‘A Quiet Place 2’: “I totally believe in a higher power”