Jude Law: this is Rafferty Law, the successful son of the actor who follows in his footsteps and is his exact copy | Spoiler

Jude Law is one of the great actors of the last decades for being part of great titles such as A. I. Artificial Intelligence, The Aviator, Sherlock Holmes, Hugo, El Gran Hotel Budapest and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. In addition, he is currently one of the most important faces of the Fantastic Animals saga, playing Albus Dumbledore, as well as Marvel for his role as Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel. Without a doubt we are talking about a great star, but today we will not focus on him.

Rafferty He is the oldest of his six children and is recognized in recent years as the exact copy of his father, having an appearance similar to that of Jude in his youth. It is the clear example of how genetics works, since they are two drops of water in the style of the actor in the early 2000s. “There’s that comparison all the time and I find it funny because obviously we look a lot alike. He’s my father.”he said in an interview.

As is usual in these cases, the children of the stars tend to have a more favorable access when wanting to join the world of entertainment, and the 24-year-old was able to take advantage of this possibility in the environment to open different doors. The truth is that it is not only a surname, since has a great talent for acting, music and modeling, pointing to several fronts where it can develop in a great way.

Despite having an important name, he knows that he must open his way: “I am someone who tries not to compare himself to anyone. Really, I try to make myself. My father is my best friend, we have always been very close.”, he assured. On the other hand, he is a great admirer of his father and has made it clear: “I always liked the way he dressed, he loved sneakers and that led me to love them too. He likes music and that led me to the same thing”.

His first big role came this year for the movie Twist, which you can see right now on the streaming service HBO Max. The film follows a skilled graffity artist in London who tries to find his place after the loss of his mother. “It was one of the most enjoyable and intense experiences I have ever had”, he stated in a talk with Wonderland Magazine.


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Jude Law: this is Rafferty Law, the successful son of the actor who follows in his footsteps and is his exact copy | Spoiler