“Kate”: action movies are not just for men


The presence of women in action films is no longer just that of a damsel in distress or that of a femme fatale. Strong and powerful women are now also protagonists of a genre that until recently was the private preserve of alpha males. Gone are those times when actresses like Cinthia Rothrock broke bones in video clips. The “Resident Evil and Underworld” sagas, or films like “Atomic”, “Lucy”, “Salt” or “Red Sparrow” are examples of how action cinema can also be a place for women. And, now that both Prime Video and Netflix seem to have taken a liking to releasing several action tapes a month, the woman with arms of taking is still present in these new productions. If the disappointing “Jolt” arrived last month (despite Kate Beckinsale), this past Friday “Kate” premiered on Netflix with Mary Elizabeth Winstead handing out tow left and right, in a revenge film that, although it stretches for a long time. a little bit, but that fulfills its function of making us have a good time.

Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, on Kate we met with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, an actress who in addition to being the daughter of John McClane in the saga of Crystal jungle, is linked in her filmography to both terror and action due to her participation in Final Destination 3, Death Proof, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, The thing, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Gemini O Birds of prey. With this curriculum behind her, this time the actress puts herself in the shoes of a meticulous killer with unmatched skills that make her the perfect weapon that always performs at its best. However, while she is in Tokyo, a mission does not go as it should and our protagonist discovers that she has been poisoned and that she has only 24 hours to live. There is no cure, and his only way out is to take revenge on the culprits of his fate. From that moment on, he will start a race against time in the purest classic video game style to pay off his revenge.

Kate - Netflix
Mary Elizabeth Winstead exudes energy and determination that every fight scene in the film

In this sense, Kate reminds us of other titles with revenge as the objective of its protagonist (I’m not just referring to the Liam Neeson trilogy), and the adrenaline rush certainly comes to mind Crank and of course, John Wick. It is evident the ancestry that the saga starring Keanu Reeves he has worked in action films that have come later. Although, in the case of its influences, these are diverse, both in its aesthetics and in its structure. The story written by Umair Aleem | blends without blushing the cyberpunk aesthetic with the classicism of Japanese culture, although the former is in a way more of a pose than a gender-defined bet.

Kate - Netflix
Ani (Miku Martineau) is Kate’s only hope for redemption

During the movie there are yakuzas, a lot of action, an assassin in search of redemption, a mysterious organization that pulls the strings and a city of Tokyo that mixes the classic and the modern. If we look at the story, as I have commented before, it follows a pattern almost traced to that of a video game with our ‘heroine’ going to the next level in search of the villain of the role, and while killing the henchmen on duty, she must recharge energy ( stimulants) to reach the end of the game. As for the script itself, its development is quite predictable, and it follows the guidelines of the genre without going off the beaten path. No room for surprise (although this is intended to be the case), and the movements on the chessboard are crisp and clear. And, it is because much that they hide the villain from us, adding two and two always results in predictability.

Kate - Netflix
Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Kate brings to life someone who has nothing to lose

Being predictable is not bad in itself. Not all movies have to have a thousand script twists to surprise us every minute of footage. In addition, we are talking about an action movie that seeks to entertain with the maximum claim of having us hooked on its story until the end. In this case, Kate achieves its mission, and although there is a certain moment when the gum stretches too much, it does not break. Because that’s what it’s for Mary Elizabeth Winstead which carries the weight of the entire movie. His presence, his energy and his determination permeate the character he plays, giving him enough charisma to take whoever he catches out of the street, and you believe it without question..

In summary

Kate It is not the panacea of ​​action cinema, nor does it seem to intend it. With a simple story about revenge and redemption, and a modern style with classic touches, Kate manages to give us the ration of punches, fights and shots galore. The film borrows resources and forms from other films of the genre, because it is undoubted that the formation of the protagonist since she was a child, narrated through flashbacks, reminds us of the Red House of Black widow or to Nikita by Luc Besson. On the other hand, it is true that its action scenes are far from what it offers John Wick, and maybe it lacks some of the bad milk of Crank, but thanks to Mary Elizabeth Winstead, we find an interesting character who follows the topics of the genre without ridiculing them. Definitely, Kate provides us with just the right amount of action, adrenaline, and pounding to spend an entertaining afternoon.

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“Kate”: action movies are not just for men