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WandaVision just released its seventh episode and Kathryn Hahn’s antagonistic role as Agatha Harkness did not go unnoticed among Marvel fans. After seeing Agnes as the kind caretaker of Wanda and Vision’s children, the true face of this malevolent character finally came out, showing the leading couple that they are not the only ones with powers in Westview. But who is the actress who plays the villain of the series?

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Kathryn Hahn has been one of the most ignored actresses in the industry of Hollywood. His television and film appearances have often gone unnoticed in recent years. This does not mean that her work has been bad, on the contrary, the actress has been constant thanks to her great effort that has led her to obtain an important role in this new Marvel fiction for Disney +.


According to her IMDb biography, the actress was born on July 23, 1973 in Westchester, a neighborhood west of downtown Chicago, Illionis, yet her childhood was spent much of it in Cleveland, Ohio. Exactly about this stage, the actress commented in an interview for Rolling Stone the following, “I come from a very funny family; it was a difficult dining table (…) If you grow up in Ohio, that’s really the best training for doing comedy. ”

That love for the place where she grew up is well present and has shared it with her co-star, Molly Shannon, with whom she also originally from Cleveland, worked on the movie “Private Life” in 2018. They both expressed a cry of pride towards their land on the “Good Morning America” ​​program.

Hahn may not have been a childhood celebrity, however, he did have acting experience at his young age. According to Cleveland Magazine, as a child she managed to get her first appearance on the show “WKYC’s Hickory Hideout.” He also spent a great deal of time at the Cleveland Play House Curtain Puller, a renowned theater in the United States that provides free acting education to Cleveland youth.

Their education

The actress commented in an interview for CBSN Los Angeles that she spent time in New York City where she worked as a receptionist and tried to act from time to time. After graduating as a theater profession from Northwestern University, he managed to earn a master’s degree from one of the Ivy League universities.

Once accepted into the Yale School of Dramatic Art, the actress confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that she felt the best, because she could simply dedicate herself to acting for three years. It is worth noting that she was able to pay all expenses thanks to her character as a counselor in the medical drama series “Crossing Jordan.”

Before being Agatha Harkness

Kathryn Hahn has participated in animation just as big stars as Kristen Bell, Will Smith and more have. In 2014 he voiced the character of Luli on an episode of “American Dad!” As well as in ten episodes of “Chozen”.

However, her biggest role in the animation industry came in 2018, when she was cast to voice the character of Doc Ock in the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” That same year, he also did it for the character of Ericka in “Hotel Transylvania 3.”

But his voice has not only been the protagonist of several films, since many know his appearance in “Step Brothers” in 2008, when Hahn danced and sang “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” of Guns N’ Roses with Adam Scott. In an interview with CBR.com, the actress acknowledged that, “The music, first and foremost. It was an exciting aspect for me and something I have never done before at this level, ”he commented.

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Her best jobs, surprisingly, have been achieved with age and after becoming a mother. “At last I have been able to get to the roles that I do not know if I could have handled in my 20s”, he said for Vanity Fair. “It is a great surprise to me that I feel more creatively fulfilled since I have two children than or at any other time in my life. They had always told me it would be the other way around: ‘Once you have kids, it’s downhill’ “

It is important to recognize that the actress has participated in a long list of films such as “Tomorrowland” and “The Visit” in 2015. However, her best known role has been that of Carla in “Bad Moms”, a film co-starring with Mila Kunis. and Kristen Bell. The comedy premiered in 2016, and thanks to the public’s catch, it had a Christmas-themed second part in 2017.

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