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It’s no secret that Nicole Kidman throws herself into every role she takes on. Her Nine Perfect Strangers character Masha was no exception. Kidman took the job of getting into character very seriously. She constantly practiced Masha’s Russian accent and even refused to respond to her name while filming the series. Kidman admits that she took the character home with her to continue practicing the accent. Luckily, her husband, Kieth Urban, didn’t mind. In fact, Urban is actually a big fan of Masha.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

How long have Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban been together?

In 2001, Kidman split with her first husband, Tom Cruise, who she married at just 23 years old. According to Insider, Kidman and Urban met in 2005 at the G’Day USA gala. Several months later, Urban gave Kidman a call, and the pair started dating.

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Keith Urban Is a Fan of Masha – nonenglishfeed