Kickoff Super ShowDown 2020 | Angel Garza vs Humberto Carrillo

Kickoff SUPER SHOWDOWN 2020 .— As part of a multi-million dollar deal with the principality of Saudi Arabia, which runs through 2027, WWE must present 2 events each year.

Well, this is the first of them. Super ShowDown 2020, with an enviable line-up for other WWE PPVs. Let’s hope that the WWE Superstars will make an effort and give their best, because at the pleasure of their humble servant, fighters don’t give their best when fighting in Saudi Arabia.

In the kickoff of this show, of which we bring you the official coverage in another publication, Mexicans and cousins ​​Ángel Garza and Humberto Carrillo will share the ring looking for one of their best payments of their careers.

Inicia Kickoff SUPER SHOW DOWN 2020

Start the Kickoff with the beautiful Charly Caruso, Scott Stanford and David Otunga on the Kickoff panel. We will also have The Viking Raiders vs The OC, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

The poster that we will have tonight is recapitulated and we see a video recapping the rivalry between Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin, the King Corbin. Interesting rivalry, to tell the truth.

Then they give us a look at the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy, a beautiful trophy. AJ Styles says he’s ready to win this trophy.

Paul Heyman appears on screen and says: “Nobody thought that Undertaker would lose at WrestleMania, and he lost at the first WrestleMania on WWE Network to Brock Lesnar, so Ricochet may have some luck, rookie luck, but if he faced another champion, not my beast incarnate, the big Brock Lesnar«.

Now, the panelists analyze the possibilities that John Morrison and The Miz are once again WWE Tag Team Champions after so many years. David Otunga bets that it will, and he will be happy to see it.

Nohemí, or Naomi, Bayley’s challenger, says she is happy because she will make double history in Super ShowDown 2020: the first women’s title fight in Saudi Arabia and regain the SmackDown Women’s Championship. “I will shine anywhere, anytime, anywhere.”

David Otunga says Bayley’s confidence went out of bounds, And it could cost him the title against Naomi. Charly and Scott agree that Bayley is overconfident, although they don’t think she will lose the title.

«WE WANT THE SMOKE!» The Streets Profits say they are ready to defeat Seth Rollins and Murphy for the Raw Couples Championship.

Scott Stanford, Charly Caruso and David Otunga agree that they have champion material, but That tonight in Saudi Arabia, it won’t be your night.

Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Michael Cole at the comment table. They warn that there is little public because it is arriving late, but a fantastic entrance to the event is expected.

The public that is there is quite on with the entrances of the fighters.

1— The Viking Raiders (Ivar y Erick) vs The OC (Luke Gallows y Karl Anderson)

Apparently only the front row audience, generally relatives of the principality and government officials is the one who has reached the arena. WWE does the best it can with a blue set of lights to hide the small crowd.

The fighting domain is held by Viking Raiders, who they do short relays to attack Karl Anderson.

Poor Anderson is thrown around like a doll. Gallows can’t do anything.

Splash, the fattest falls on Karl Anderson. He manages to recover and Gallows enters.

Bald against bald, Gallows with a side slam and an elbow in the face of the cornerback. Gallows makes the audience scream by raising his hands. Although nobody knows them, but the fans applaud everyone with great encouragement.

The OC recovers. Gallows and Anderson use the same short attack technique on their opponent. Is there another in the team fight?

Ivar enters the ring and drives the crowd crazy with his speed despite his weight. Run everywhere and attacks both Anderson and Gallows.

Erik and Gallows jump into action, and Erik applies a cute Suplex despite their height. Ivar with a neck tie in the corner, then Anderson breaks the count of 2 after a spanking Ivar with his butt after being propelled by Erik.

Powerbomb by Gallows for Erik, everyone exhausted, the fight has been entertaining, with good level and sequences. Knee to Erik’s jaw, Ivar enters and takes them both away. This is Awesome dice los fans.

Ivar misses a Moonsault and the fight is taken by The OC after connecting the Magic Killer. Excellent match, hopefully we would see this week by week on Raw and SmackDown.

Apparently the fight of the Mexican cousins ​​has been sent to the main cartel, since the beautiful and very beautiful Charly Caruso does not mention this meeting and there are already 8 minutes of the Kickoff.

Yes, it is a fact. Either they go to the main poster, or they took them off the poster. Hopefully the first. Thanks for your company.

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Kickoff Super ShowDown 2020 | Angel Garza vs Humberto Carrillo