Killmonger and Tony Stark Team Up in Promo For ‘What If…’ Episode 6

What If… is already halfway through its first season and has delivered a lot of weird. The series presents alternate versions of events that occurred throughout the timeline of the MCU. The next episode of MCU’s What If… premiering Wednesday morning will present a new story where Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) will save Tony Stark (Mick Wingert) before Tony is captured by the Ten Rings.

The 30-second promo was shared to Twitter by the official What If… account. In it, we see a computer monitor that looks similar to the ones at the TVA in Loki. The promo made sure to highlight the Ten Rings in it as viewers are more familiar with this organization after the events of Shang-Chi. Killmonger appears in the MCU What If… promo saving Tony Stark and explaining how he knew about the Ten Rings’ plans.

Jordan is returning to voice Killmonger, reprising his role from Black Panther. However, Robert Downey Jr. will not be voicing Stark. Many actors have returned to voice their MCU characters, but some characters were voiced by different people including Spider-Man and Black Widow.

The episode six promo debuts alongside a mid-season trailer that showed off many of the highlights from the first five episodes including T’Challa as Star-Lord and Marvel zombies. Some of the new scenes shown in the trailer include the animated debuts of some favorites from Thor: Ragnarok including Korg and The Grandmaster.

While these What If… stories may not affect the main films, they are considered canon due to the multiple timeline variations set up in Loki. Spiderman: No Way Home will also see the MCU jumping into the multiverse as characters from other universes are jumping in including Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus and Jamie Foxx as Electro. The MCU is exploring many complicated science fiction ideas and What If… is not steering away from that.