Kitbag: Jodie Comer to star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in Ridley Scott’s newest

Ridley Scott is a director who does not rest. Proof of this is that his latest film The Last Duel has not even been released – 69% and already has another one practically ready: House of Gucci. In fact, the first one opens in October of this year and the second one comes out in November. It is unusual for a director to release two films with such a short time between them, but that is due to the pandemic. The filming had to be paused for a while due to the virus that has been ravaging the world and, therefore, its premiere was also postponed.

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The thing is, he’s already working on the next movie he’s going to make. Is about Kitbag, which is a historical drama about Napoleon bonaparte. We know who is going to play this leader: Joaquin Phoenix himself. The point is that now it has just been announced who will interpret Josefina, his wife, in said project. It is neither nothing more nor nothing less than JJodie Comer, who just collaborated with the director on The Last Duel.

The actress was interviewed by Variety about The Last Duel, because said film is going to premiere next week at the Venice Film Festival. In the interview she revealed that she is going to participate in Kitbag and that he starts filming it around the new year. She also mentioned that it was impossible for her to turn down the role because she wanted to work with him again. Scott and her team of collaborators and also she is a great admirer of Phoenix, so she’s dying to work with him. These were his words:

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I simply accepted the opportunity to work again with Ridley and his team and [amé] the idea of ​​working with Joaquin, who is someone I greatly admire. I think that for me what I am learning is that you grow and learn a lot from being here and working with people with whom you have been collaborating. And I just think that having that opportunity… I am very excited to enter that world.

Of course, in the same interview she revealed that she has not yet begun to prepare for that particular role not only because filming begins around the new year, but because she is focused on filming the fourth and final season of Killing Eve – 78%, which is nearing completion.

What we know about that film is that it will explore the beginnings of Napoleon, as well as his rise and fall. Also that the film is an exclusive of Apple Studios and therefore of its streaming service. Also that it is the first collaboration of Joaquin Phoenix and Ridley Scott in more than 20 years. The last time they worked together was on Gladiator – 76%. It is interesting that their reunion is going to be in a historical film, although it is in a genre in which the director has really excelled.

On the other hand, last year when the pandemic was in its early stages, the actor asked the governor of New York to release prisoners to prevent the coronavirus from ending their lives:

I ask Andrew Cuomo to take action in New York granting clemency to New Yorkers in prison. So many people’s lives depend on your action. No one deserves to die in prison from COVID-19. The spread of the coronavirus in prisons threatens the health and safety of all of us. […] When you are incarcerated, there is no social distancing, and ensuring good hygiene is not an option. Leaders must do everything possible to prevent incarcerated people and those who work in prisons from getting sick and spreading the virus.

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Kitbag: Jodie Comer to star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in Ridley Scott’s newest