Kristen Stewart revealed the common ground she found with Princess Diana to play her in Spencer

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More than a year ago it was announced that Kristen Stewart will be responsible for bringing Princess Diana to life in the film. Spencer. At the time it caused a bit of controversy when an American actress gave life to one of the most iconic public figures in the United Kingdom.

However, once Stewart ventured on this journey to meet and bring Lady Di to life, the actress not only developed a great love for Diana, but also discovered a tremendous affinity between the two.

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During a recent interview, the actress explained that in order to give a faithful portrayal of Princess Diana, she began an exhaustive investigation. He saw and listened to all the interviews, documentaries and content available about the princess in order to know her, understand her and even love her.

This personal discovery of the Princess of Wales led her to have the utmost love and respect for him and even to not stop thinking about her. In addition, he was able to feel a great empathy with a very characteristic experience of Diana: being the target of the media.

She was the most famous woman in the world. I have tested a high level of that.

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Her role as Bella in the fantastic saga of Twilight caused Kristen Stewart to be recognized around the world. His international stardom at such a young age gave him an idea of ​​what fame is. However, it also gave her a bucket of cold water when she learned that fame has a very dark side like being in the eye of the storm of public scrutiny, being followed / attacked by paparazzi or not knowing who to really trust.

This experience is certainly very close to what Diana went through, and it is something that helped Kristen to be able to give a fairly faithful representation of Lady Di before the cameras.

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Kristen explained that she is aware that despite experiencing international fame in her own flesh, it really does not compare to everything Diana experienced, but it was a good approach to understand her better and love her.

She also revealed that it has been a very difficult experience for her to connect with people and feel that they do not have a good impression of you, a situation that she believes that Princess Diana lived to the extreme and yet, feeling totally alone and isolated, she managed to convey much love and light wherever I went.

Imagine what that was like for her. Imagine feeling cornered in a corner to that point. She was desperate for a connection with people and it made people feel so good while she felt so bad inside. She was one of the greatest energies in history. He wore his heart on his sleeve and that, for me, was the coolest thing he ever did. “

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On September 3, 2021, Spencer had its special premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation for several minutes. Kristen’s work as Diana was highly acclaimed and was even predicted to be among the nominees in the best actress category at the seventh art awards.

This incredible response from critics and the public, added to the commitment and dedication of Kristen as Diana, only increase the expectation to see Spencer which will be officially released on November 5, 2021.

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Kristen Stewart revealed the common ground she found with Princess Diana to play her in Spencer