‘La purga por siempre’ now targets Latinos with the leading couple Ana de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta, also directed by a Mexican | Cinema | Entertainment

This time, themes such as migration, xenophobia or racism are explored in this saga of great success worldwide.

Turned into a blockbuster franchise, The purge forever opens today in Ecuadorian cinemas in its fifth installment (the sixth has already been announced), which is part of the saga that, for now, has accumulated just over $ 450 million with budgets of less than $ 13 million for each film. Each part has its own identity, even a large part of the leading cast changes with each installment, as does the direction.

On this occasion, actors of Mexican descent Ana de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta are part of the horror film directed by fellow Mexican Everardo Gout, famous for his ambitious drama about violence Grace days. The scripts for the entire saga have been written by its creator James DeMonaco, an American filmmaker, who now chooses a Latino couple for the leading role.

The beautiful Ana de la Reguera comes to put his artistic touch in this new installment of one of the most powerful horror sagas of recent years, in a story that transports a night without laws or limits. The story goes like this: crime rages in the United States and jails are full. The police cannot be called, hospitals do not admit patients, citizens must fend for themselves because committing a crime is not punished. Adela (De la Reguera) and Juan (Huerta) must save their lives. The film takes up the dystopian story linked to a night of the year in which the federal government of the United States makes all crimes (including murder) legal to show a time when the measure’s biggest supporters (in this case, white supremacists) decide to indefinitely extend the “permit” in order to end minorities and immigrants.

The film is set on the Texas border of the United States. The creators of the film explained that this is the most authentic and visceral film that has been seen in the saga. “What happened in our collaboration is that, as I wanted to make the most authentic of films, the most visceral, granular, we went deep into portraying, in the most correct way possible, minorities, Mexicans and Indo-Americans. We did a lot of research on the authenticity of all that. What I didn’t want to do is a ‘whitewashed’ version of Hollywood. I wanted the real thing ”, said Everardo Gout to Cinema Blend.

Ana de la Reguera, Mexican actress. Photo: Shutterstock

But it is Ana who is gaining space in the world of cinema. It recently premiered – first in theaters and then on Netflix – Army of the Dead, a long-awaited zombie tape Directed by the famed Zack Snyder (300, League of Justice) in which he had one of the main roles.

“The terror feels cooler, like something we’ve experienced more closely. There has always been racism and the immigration issueBut they felt much harsher in the last two or three years. They were not taken with any sensitivity. It was terrible to watch the news and hear how Latinos were talked about in the media, especially with a president who constantly referred to us in that way. For that reason, I think it feels good to make a film like this, ”De la Reguera told Los Angeles Times.

The Latino presence in acting and directing is evident in the Hollywood franchise. “I loved it, because I found it very interesting that James did this new installment with two Latin protagonists and see everything from the perspective of those characters, who face a purge for the first time and then have to team up with the Americans who treat them super bad and the ningunean, despite the fact that later those same Latinos end up being essential for their survival . It’s like a world turned upside down, which is being seen by James and in which Everardo had a lot to do with getting it treated from our point of view ”.

On the left: Tenoch Huerta and Ana de la Reguera as Juan and Adela in ‘La purga por siempre’

The script includes a lot of dialogue in English, but there is also a lot of Spanish. “When I try to get Tenoch to speak more in English while he insists on Spanish, it is because the script showed us speaking in English, and I told Everardo that it seemed strange to me, because Latinos always speak Spanish among ourselves. So, we created this story a bit in which Adela is a woman who wants to improve herself as soon as possible, adapt to this country, and who wants her husband to do it at the same time so that he is not left behind ”.

What does Ana expect from the film when viewers see it? “I hope people like it, that they enjoy it. It will depend a lot on the viewer, but I think it sends a good message: a message of peace, equality and above all respect, of treating another person well regardless of their race, ideology, language. We must respect each other because we are more powerful together. Finally, it is a movie to entertain, with action and horror ”.

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‘La purga por siempre’ now targets Latinos with the leading couple Ana de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta, also directed by a Mexican | Cinema | Entertainment