July 27, 2021

Darß: bike tour between Prerow, Born and Wieck

The bike is the best way to explore the Darß. With good planning (or our travel guide;)) and a little courage to take the gap, you can have breakfast all day long, even with children. We experienced a wonderful bike tour between Prerow, Born and Wieck! Day 3 of our short vacation to Fischland-Darß-Zingst with a small child.

Darß tour on a short vacation

This report describes our bike tour between Prerow, Born and Wieck. It is part of my mini-series on the blog: Short vacation on Fischland-Darß-Zingst. The main article contains all the framework data. All other reports from our excursions, hikes and bike tours are linked there.

Fischland-Darß-Zingst: Short vacation with toddler and bike

The cover picture comes from Darßer Ort.

The Darß in one day

We spend day 3 completely on the Darß. Our guide suggests two short bike tours. Both can also be easily combined into a day tour. That’s exactly what we’re doing now with the follow-up research. So we explore the island part almost completely in a single day.

With a total of 43 kilometers, the route is extensive, but manageable. Since we stop at numerous destinations and take the whole day, the big tour can also be done with children. At the age of six and eight, our boys drove 55 kilometers in one day without much preparation. If you have any doubts, do it as described in the travel guide and divide the tour into two rounds.

From Prerow through the Darßwald

We start again right in front of our apartment door in Prerow. We drive west through the Darßwald. A first stop takes us to the beach. It is officially the first day “after Corona”. Since the day before, even mortal holidaymakers have been allowed to travel again. The supposedly lonely stretch of beach is promptly filled with the first towels and beach shells.

fischland-darss-zingst prerow weststrand

Nevertheless, the west beach is still comparatively deserted.

Most of the forest paths on the Darß are wide, straight bicycle highways. Our travel guide primarily guides us to the few exceptions. They are quite tight when there is oncoming traffic. Thanks to the map that is enclosed with every tour, every family can easily find alternative routes in case of doubt.

darsswald bike path

After all, we’re making good progress on the shady racetracks. And there are also opportunities to take a break.

Gut Darß

In Born we cross the Bäderstraße. We’ll be in town in a few minutes. Our first port of call is Gut Darß. The large farm has evidently taken an example from Karl’s strawberry farm. Fortunately, things are much less squeaky and turbulent here and also not as extremely commercial. The focus is on the Gutsküche, a relatively high-priced restaurant. Climbing forest and adventure golf are attractions for families. A small petting zoo with goats and sheep and a large air-cushion trampoline are accessible free of charge. There is also a nice little playground here. Unlike many others, this playground is really suitable for toddlers. Franka is on cloud nine.

fischland-darss-zingst adventure farm gut darss

Franka manages the toddler course without any help. There is also a baby swing and a shaded sandpit.

Older children can drive tractors and dig holes with children’s excavators. A farm shop and an ice cream parlor complete the offer. Outside of Corona there are also regular farm tours to the animals and agricultural machinery.

Born am Darß

Born itself is probably the most beautiful place on the Darß. Pretty old fishermen’s cottages are lined up here. Stylish new buildings adapt well. (Unfortunately, the small café recommended by our travel guide no longer exists.)

fischland-darss-zingst born

On the main street of Born.

Several branches lead directly to the water. The bathing spots on the bay are surrounded by reeds. There is no real sandy beach here. The Grabenwiese bathing area has a heaped sand area in front of a bathing jetty. For us, the lagoon coast has its very own charm.

born bodden badesteg

Got something, right? Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the Grabenwiese. This is a couple of turns up.

Wieck am Darß

We continue along lovely meadows and fields. We soon come to Wieck through a small piece of forest. The village is a bit smaller and even more original. Otherwise, it remains very similar to Born on a fleeting visit.

fischland-darss-zingst wieck house

This house is in Wieck. In principle, however, it could just as well have been the other way around. The vast majority of the houses in both places are beautiful.

Café Fernblau in the Darßer Arche

In the center of the village is the Darßer Ark. The wooden building houses an exhibition about the national park and currently also a corona test center. We are particularly interested in the integrated Café Fernblau on this day. It is significantly more expensive than the beer garden at Pramort. But the chocolate cake is also real craftsmanship. And the cappuccino tastes really good! There is a small playground not far from the green wooden terrace. We are very happy.

fischland-darss-zingst cafe fernblau wieck

Okay, text-image scissors. Franka is just too busy chewing her giant biscuit in disbelief to smile appropriately happily. It is her very first conscious visit to a café that we are served at the table. Long after we are back home, she keeps saying, amazed: “Menss biscuit, brought! For Franka !! “

Bathing area at the harbor

It is almost even more beautiful at the bathing area at the port of Wieck. The quay of the sports boat harbor and a long bathing jetty form a sheltered bay here. At the end of it there is a small heaped up sandy beach. A large lawn for sunbathing adjoins it.

fischland-darss-zingst bathing area bodden wieck

Toddlers and sand are an ideal combination.

Some play equipment, a football field and a beach volleyball field complete the ensemble. Here we sink into for the rest of the afternoon. On the climbing bridge, Franka turns to me and says mischievously: “A lovely day!” My mother’s heart opens up. What more do you want?

fischland-darss-zingst playground

One of those happy moments.

Back to Prerow

Then it goes through the fields back to Prerow. There are still a few small highlights, but our toddler is now knocked out. She is happy about the water buffalo that graze on a meadow with their calves. And we use one of the two bird watching stations for a little breastfeeding stop. Then it’s straight home.

fischland-darss-zingst observation hut prerow

Here you can watch birds in the shade. Or picnic.

The entire route is a good 40 kilometers long. If there are younger children who already ride their bicycles, it can be split up over two days. The detailed instructions for this can be found in our travel guide.

fischland-darss-zingst travel guides inside

Our guides come with detailed directions. There is of course a map on the next page.

More tips for a holiday in the Baltic Sea with a small child

Of course, I have to do a lot of advertising for our travel guide at this point …;) You can find a detailed introduction here. Amazon provides neutral reviews and ordering options*. On request, the 300-page book is also available in any decent bookstore.

Baltic Sea with children, travel guide from Lena Marie Hahn and Stefanie Holtkamp

The new edition will most likely appear in May 2022. Only small things have changed on the tours on Fischland-Darß-Zingst, so that the first edition still does a good job.

The main article of the series provides more inspiration and specific tips for a Baltic Sea holiday on Fischland-Darß-Zingst, including links to other excursion options:

Fischland-Darß-Zingst: Short vacation with toddler and bike

I have listed and linked my collected tips for a Baltic Sea holiday in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania here:

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german baltic sea where is it most beautiful

Central question of this post.

Transparency notice: On Fischland-Darß-Zingst we were on our way to do some research for our travel guide at our own expense. The links marked with * lead to Amazon and give me a small commission in the event of a purchase.