July 26, 2021

Excursion with dog to Römerpark Xanten (NRW)

We saw Roman houses, temples and an amphitheater on the Lower Rhine. At the end of May 2021 we went on a trip with the dog Buddy to the Xanten Archaeological Park (APX). This is a museum with replicas that are true to the original. Here are my tips for the Römerpark Xanten, Germany’s largest archaeological open-air museum.

Nice excursion with dog in NRW

We live in Mönchengladbach, on the Lower Rhine near the German-Dutch border. Do you already know them Excursion destinations on the Lower Rhine from eight travel bloggers, e.g. B. the gigantic ones Mammutbäume?

Xanten with its around 22,000 inhabitants – located northwest of Duisburg – is around an hour’s drive away from us.

I last visited it with my family as a child. My friend Carsten was here on a school trip. Now we went on a trip with our dog to experience the sights and highlights again.

On the way we were on a sunny, warm Sunday in the May. We packed for Buddy water one, then it started.

On the way to Xanten, we went for a walk. Because our big, lively Magyar Vizsla (a Hungarian hunting dog) likes to move around a lot. And without previous run out he would have been too jittery.

Xanten Roman Park: dog-friendly excursion destination

APX dogs allowedI am always looking for dog-friendly destinations in the vicinity or in Germany. So I was very happy that the LVR Archaeological Landscape Park Xanten Dogs allowed on a leash are. Only in the Roman Museum, in the exhibition rooms of the hostel and in the pavilions are they not allowed.

The area is spacious, so that we and Buddy had enough space. We were here from 11am to 1pm. In addition to couples and families with children, we saw a lot of other dog owners, with dogs from large to small.

Excursion with dog to XantenNumerous paths were lined with trees that shadow donated. It was very pleasant with 22 degrees and bright sunshine. At the museum and at the toilets at the amphitheater stood Water bowls ready. And at the entrance you get free Poop bags, because we had forgotten ours in the car.

The meadows behind the park entrance offer harbor temples Opportunities to run out after visiting the park.

Day trip to Roman times

Xanten city wallAround 2,000 years ago, the city center of Xanten was located at the Colonia Ulpia Traiana settlement. It was destroyed around 275 AD.

In 1977, the Xanten Archaeological Park opened on an area of ​​the former Colonia, as a partial reconstruction. We took a look at the museum, where you can experience the life of the residents of that time.

From free parking lot port temple from we used the corresponding entrance. It was right behind it a model of the Roman city. At that time around 10,000 people lived here. Some of the buildings have been rebuilt in their original location on the original scale.

We ran to the City wall with watchtowers along. Here you can climb the steep steps to see the park area and the landscape from above.

HafentempelFirst we visited the Hafentempel with its pillars. The light walls stood out against the blue sky, up to 27 meters high. For me it was a real highlight right from the start.

It was also nice and green everywhere, that Nordtor we could see lying behind a meadow.

Roman hostelWe also saw them Roman hostel with workshops and the Artisan houses an.

Amphitheater XantenI was particularly impressed by that Amphitheater. At that time gladiator fights or chariot races were used for entertainment. Today, in addition to (completely harmless) gladiator games, concerts, musicals and operas are also performed here. I would like to experience that, it is definitely a great experience!

Overall, we did one in the Römerpark Xanten nice long walk with buddy. Although this excursion destination is popular, the visitors were spread out very well over the extensive grounds. On the way there was a lot to see and many beautiful photo opportunities. In the warm weather the trees offered shade, there was water for Buddy and coffee and cake for us.

Eat and drink delicious

Museum cafe coffee grinderThe roman restaurant was unfortunately closed. But that Museum café in the coffee grinder offered food and drinks. From the outside, the restored mill from the 18th century was a nice photo opportunity.

Cake in the museum tableI ordered with a mask in the interior. I took a coffee and a huge piece of nut cake for Carsten, and water for me (unfortunately they didn’t have anything vegan like soy milk for the coffee). The prices? I paid a total of 8.70 euros.

I carried the tray outside because there was only seating there. In the cool shade, we really enjoyed sitting in a café again. Hibbel Buddy actually wanted to move on as quickly as possible, but was calmed down with a few treats.

Xanten Archaeological Park in the Corona period

The Access The Xanten Roman Park is currently only possible via the two entrances to the Port Temple and the Roman Museum. The entrance to the city center is closed.

For our day trip we had one in advance Onlineticket booked. Entry is free until June 30, 2021. Otherwise it costs 9 euros for adults.

We received the ticket by email. We could present it on the smartphone or printed out. We also filled in what was sent contact form out.

A corona test is currently not necessary. However, it is true Mask requirement in the parking lots, at the entrances and in designated parking areas. At the entrance I had taken a map with me, there the corresponding areas were marked.

The Roman Museum is currently only open to a limited extent. The Roman buildings, the shipyard and the pavilions are currently closed.

This information can change quickly, it is best to have a look at the Website to.

Overview of information

Xanten Archaeological Park
Address: Am Rheintor, 46509 Xanten
Opening times: Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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We saw Roman houses, temples and an amphitheater on the Lower Rhine.  At the end of May 2021 we went on a trip with Magyar Vizsla Buddy - a Hungarian hunting dog - to the Xanten Archaeological Park (APX).  This is a museum with replicas that are true to the original.  In the travel blog you will find my tips for the Römerpark Xanten, Germany's largest archaeological open-air museum.  With sights and highlights such as the port temple, north gate and city wall.

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