August 2, 2021

O rebranding de Swarovski – Fashionismo

If you follow the muses gringo fashionistas from streestyle for the past decade, he certainly knows the Italian Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert. She is one of my favorite fashion people. It’s elegant, fun, it has that festive and daring Italian spirit, it mixes colors, prints, modeling all with the same naturalness with which I wear my Renner melange pajamas.

And Giovanna is not just “fashion profession”, she already worked as fashion editor at Vogue Japan and L’Uomo – next to your Bff, Anna her Russian – and has also always worked as a fashion consultant for brands ranging from Dior to Lacoste. Given his prominent résumé, in the last year Gio took an important step in his career.

The Italian assumed, in the middle of the pandemic, the position of global creative director at the Austrian Swarovski – the first brand in 125 years of existence. Her initial premise is to turn crystals into something cool, modern and fun, like her.

And the change in perception will not only be in fashion accessories, Gio’s involvement is total and also throughout the brand’s decoration portfolio, which ranges from glasses to chandeliers, all now with the creativity and seal of Giovanna.

swarovski joan

After a year in office, photos of 1a campaign and I have something to say: wow, I thought the rebranding was amazing. I always had a more, say, traditionalist view of the brand, I never had a latent desire (ok, i have a pen that i love) or an aspirational relationship like I have with some jewelry stores, but the outfit Gio is giving me has already opened my eyes.

According to her, “Swarovski is not just a brand, but it is a platform to express creativity in a very interdisciplinary way. I have a passion for the joyful “Embellishment of Life” (embellishment of life, which is the brand’s slogan), which is definitely what Swarovski crystal is all about and what the brand wants to convey, whether on your neck or on your home or in your spirit.”

For the first campaign, Gio said he wanted to (re)start with the basics of the basics, rummage through the centenary brand’s files, focus on colors and geometry and combine the ease and privilege of working with a brand that has its own material, the crystal , in case!

This Giovanna movement has become more common among fashionistas and artists in general who have gained leadership positions – always on the creative side – in big brands. Many of them end up having a more superficial involvement and work more as ambassadors, but her case is integral and you can see by the change in the positioning of a historic brand.

And the cool thing about Swarovski is that there are a lot of affordable parts and, at least out there, prices for this new era will be between $49 to $1790. Here on the br the site already shows some of the pieces and it is worth opening your eyes to this new era!