July 24, 2021

Puma inaugurates its new France headquarters in Strasbourg

It is a symbolic race that a few dozen Puma France employees are preparing to carry out. Soon, they will set off for a little less than 13 kilometers between Illkirch, south of Strasbourg where their offices were located, to reach the new hexagonal headquarters of the German equipment manufacturer, in the Wacken business district in Strasbourg.

Puma’s new France headquarters – Puma

Opposite the glass facades stands an unmistakable and monumental stylized red feline signed by the artist Richard Orlinski. But if the work marks the presence of the world number three in the booming business district of the Alsatian capital, it is with its new building where the signature is displayed. Forever Faster that he wants to show his dynamism.

A building certified for its environmental performance, which the 120 employees invested in early May and which the brand officially presented on July 1. If the brand has decided to outsource the few logistics operations that it still managed directly from a 7,000 square meter warehouse in Illkirch, the arrival in Strasbourg marks the continuity of a story between Puma and Alsace that began in 1957.

The showroom reception concept – Puma

“We have decided to stay in Strasbourg for a rational and heartfelt choice,” explained Richard Teyssier, Managing Director of the French subsidiary since 2012. We consider that the agglomeration offers the right size for a harmonious balance between professional life and privacy. We can guarantee it to our employees. And in the Wacken district, we are close to the city center, the Orangerie park and all culture and sport are within walking distance. We had a bias aesthetics on the site, but also a concern for optimizing the light in the buildings. We asked the teams to work on the layout of the interior spaces. Fifty-five employees out of the 120 participated and all employees were consulted “.

Following this, the project, whose work began in 2019, was entrusted to the Alsatian architectural firm DLRW which imagined a Breeam certified building which, with a technical building management system, optimizes the lighting, the inclination of the exterior shutters depending on the light, adapts ventilation and heating. To stay in tune, 100% recyclable furniture has been chosen to equip the premises.

Open space offices – Puma

As a result, on the four levels of 1,000 square meters each, the German group has deployed solutions for the well-being of employees but also devices to optimize their working conditions. If on the third and fourth floors, the teams work in open spaces, each level has several rooms for phone calls, informal exchanges or even physical or digital meetings, with new sound and image equipment for the subsidiary. and responding to the increase in videoconferences since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video-photo studio – Puma

The first level is dedicated to welcoming Puma’s partners and multi-brand customers, with a showroom route ranging from lifestyle, called Sportstyle chez le feline, to performance collections. The second floor offers new meeting rooms, named after the brand’s great muse athletes (Bolt, Neymar and Hamilton), a photo-video studio, a spacious dining hall and … a gym, a space for practicing fitness or yoga and the latest weight machines. Finally, Puma also has a last level on the terrace on which the brand has break areas but also a city-stadium for playing football or basketball.

“We think that to work well you have to spare yourself moments of relaxation, moments when you breathe but also informal moments, details the leader. We all lived it during this Covid crisis, we missed the informal moments a lot. . It was super important for us because we are convinced that well-being and performance are intimately linked “.

The weight room for employees – Puma

The place is obviously intended to showcase the dynamics of the brand. If Richard Teyssier, who has a total of 200 employees throughout France, did not wish to give growth prospects for the feline, the brand posted an overall increase of 26% in its activity during the first quarter of 2021. A pace in which is France. Also, the French subsidiary is expected to grow in the coming months.

“What defines us is agility. We make decisions according to the situation depending on what happens to us. It is obvious that we are going to grow. We have 4,222 square meters for 120 employees, we have room for grow “.

Its new head office has therefore been designed to be attractive and calibrated to calmly welcome new employees.

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