July 24, 2021

WSN prepares back to school for a fashion reunion moment

While schoolchildren put their satchel in the cupboard, some currently dream of celebrating the start of the school year. After having overlooked the period of June, during which the first physical events that were able to take place, despite the desire to reunite, were quite constrained by health obligations, the organizer of the Who’s Next fashion shows and Première Classe is preparing its comeback for the first week of September.

Smiles and roller coasters in Who’s Next – WSN communication

And if we are to believe the theme chosen by the WSN Development teams, the next Who’s Next to be held at Porte de Versailles from September 3 to 6 will be eventful and colorful. To celebrate its return to the exhibition center, the Parisian fashion show plays with the world of roller coasters. A symbol of the eighteen months that the actors of fashion will have spent, between pandemic, confinements and reopening but also a resolutely festive proposal for a reunion.

The organizer will be able to reinvest in the halls of the Porte de Versailles: a first since January 2020.

“We did not remain inactive. And we even managed to hold an event at the Tuileries in October,” explains Frédéric Maus, the general manager of the show taken over 100% by Comexposium since the beginning of 2021. It was an edition that was inevitably complicated between two confinements, but which allowed the actors to socialize, to do part of their profession. But we will find the role of Who’s Next with this first real fashion show for the start of the school year. “

Six exhibitions present

With the implementation of the health pass in the European Union, the manager is counting on the return to free movement at European level and promises to occupy at least two halls. However, it will have to convince the brands of the coming of French and European visitors. The event will be held (for now) in halls 5.2-5.3 and 6 of the exhibition center, located on the left as you enter. The organization, to which the Boci (federation of costume jewelry) has also entrusted the operation of the Bijorhca show, announces more than 400 pre-registered brands.

Frédéric Maus, last October at the Tuileries show bringing together Première Classe, Who’s Next, Impact and Man / Woman – WSN

“We see that the multi-brands in the regions are very keen to renew their offer after seasons which have been interesting. We are going to have a lot of renewal, explains Frédéric Maus. As an extension of a concept-store-style proposition, we are going to review certain approaches, inject lifestyle and accessories into ready-to-wear spaces. Buyers will find their way there, of course, but I see that there is a renewal and we want to create rhythm in the visit . For example, a third of new brands arrive with a sustainable or ethical proposition. This is perfectly in line with the spirit of Impact, which we will be celebrating 2 years. In total, we will have six exhibitions present for this edition. “

In addition to Who’s Next, which will feature established players such as Leon & Harper, La Petite Française and La Petite Etoile, Bijorhca will have around a third of Hall 6 to accommodate jewelry professionals. The brands responsible for Impact will benefit from a similar space. The meeting will also host a selection of seaside and lingerie labels with the Riviera and Exposed fairs. Finally, the Traffic show will present service, organization and production solutions with service providers who will present their offers via mini-conferences.

“I believe in the interest of working together on the Porte de Versailles in order to offer a complete offer. We do this internally with concepts such as Villa Beauté, which brings a selection of brands in skincare and cosmetics or with partners as we do with Ulule. In September, we will give the opportunity to young entrepreneurs who have launched through crowdfunding in our joint programs with Ulule to present their collections to multibrand. And we are discussing with others actors and federations so that they join us the following season. “

A digital platform for Comexposium

The other highlight of this new school year for WSN will be the presentation of its digital platform. After groping, starting work, probing the potential for partnerships with digital players, the plan seems validated. In September, a Comexposium platform is expected to emerge.

“Today’s activity is omnichannel. There is no opposition between digital and physical, but forms of contact, complementary moments. The show is a time of discovery, of exchange but the realization can take place online a week or a month later. The desire of this Comexposium platform is to capitalize on the notoriety and the cumulative traffic of the various exhibitions. We will be able to reveal how it works at the start of the school year. “

Romain Costa must revisit First Class

A new tool, called CXMP, which will also concern the Première Classe show which will be held from October 1 to 4 in the Tuileries Gardens. Here again, the event shows a desire to play collectively since a selection of the Man / Woman show team will be present.

The desire of the WSN teams is also to bring a new approach. Thus the conceptualization of the tents that will stand in the heart of Paris during the next Fashion Week has been entrusted to the vision of the architect and influencer Romain Costa. The brand proposition should align with this research and this creative spirit.

The partnership recently signed between WSN, the IFM and the investment company dedicated to luxury and premium brands of African heritage Birimian should in particular bring a new avant-garde touch from Africa. And an exhibition on the roots of digital fashion, increasingly scrutinized and explored by luxury groups, will open up a universe still unknown to those involved in textile creation. Before a space dedicated to these projects in the 2022 shows?

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