‘Mad Max’: Cars from the movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron to be auctioned – movie news

Were you looking for a new car to get to work? Well, in a few days the eccentric dieselpunk-style vehicles that we saw in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ will be up for auction. Here we tell you all the details!

Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron under the direction of George Miller, was very well received by fans and critics in addition to winning six Oscars beyond 2015. But although more than five have passed years since the premiere and we are even waiting for the spin off with Anya Taylor-Joy, Furiosa, the fandom of this film is so enthusiastic that Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers plans to auction off the eccentric vehicles in a few days. Ready to drive a car in style? dieselpunk through the streets of Mexico City?

According to a report by Uproxx, This auction will be held on September 25 and 26, so that Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers shared through its site the following description: “These vehicles are survivors of the apocalypse that saw the filming of Road Fury.”

The auction will take place on September 25 and 26.

Machines that were ahead of the end of civilization have been unearthed in the greatest find ever recorded. Nitrous, harmful and meaningless harbinger of hell, marking the strange ability of man to extract beauty even from what is designed for death and destruction, the art of power, the meaning of the machine “, is mentioned on the site of the auction organizers.

Among the vehicles that will go on sale is the imposing War Rig, the truck that was driven by Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) across the desert and seeming to be made of all sorts of other car parts as he pulled a container of fuel.

Another of the exclusive pieces that collectors will be able to acquire will be the Nux Car, the Chevrolet 5 Window Coupe and that in the film by Gorge Miller was driven by Nux himself (Nicholas Hoult), while sporting a series of spears protruding from the front and rear of this silver-toned vehicle.

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Another of the jewels of this auction will be the popular trailer Doof Wagon, which belonged to The Doof Warrior (Iota), the eccentric guitarist in the red t-shirt with no eyes who played his instrument with huge speakers behind himThis vehicle is one of the largest in the lot, made up of a total of 13 parts that will be made available to the highest bidder.

What vehicle would you choose to get to your work or school?

This is the complete list: The War Rig: Prime Mover Inc. Tanker; Gigahorse: Cadillac W16; Doof wagon; Nux Car 1932, V8; Elvis Convoy Car; Convoy Jag Flamer Car; Razor Cola 1973; Pole car: Pontiac Surfari; Saber tooth: Claw F250; Dodge Fire Truck; Caltrop: El dorado; Buggy: Ratrod Chev and Buick: Heavy artillery.

At the moment the prices corresponding to each vehicle have not been revealed, so we will have to wait for the auction dates And maybe, in a few years, we can see some passionate collector try to close a good deal with Rick in The Price of History, only fate and television will tell. With which car would you like to arrive at your workplace and leave your colleagues speechless?

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‘Mad Max’: Cars from the movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron to be auctioned – movie news