Mads Mikkelsen will be part of the new Indiana Jones installment and announces his satisfaction with the script

In a recent interview, when asked about this film, actor Mads Mikkelsen announced his satisfaction with the script

The great movie franchises they usually make big moves when they have to launch a new delivery of his sagas. In the case of Indiana Jones, the great saga of Steven Spielberg, it was not going to be different, since it has been for many years a great reference in adventure cinema, marking several generations. Either way, any news about his new installment is well received, getting to know that Mads Mikkelsen to join the main cast.

Currently it seems that we have this actor even in the soup. Not so long ago, we knew the news that it would be part of the Harry Potter universe, replacing Johnny Depp. The actor has already been part of Star Wars and the UCM, so now we will add to that list Indiana Jones. Mads Mikkelsen was recently interviewed taking advantage of this news and would have commented on his satisfaction for the story they want to tell us.

I know it is possible that many have lost interest since they saw the fourth installment of the franchise, but you never have to lose your towel and it is possible that with this new one and, taking into account the cast, things will go better. The incorporation of Mads Mikkelsen is a great attraction, since the actor has more than proven himself for many roles. Also, if one of the main players is happy with what they want to tell us, that can encourage many to decide.

Mads Mikkelsen - Indiana Jones

With a recent interview that the actor has given to the medium of Collider, this little detail of his opinion about the story has been revealed. Keep in mind that is not incorporated as another character, but has a role as a protagonist, something that raises interest much more. However, Mads Mikkelsen took advantage of the interview to remember the good previous work that has been in the saga, with Steven Spielberg at the controls, and comment that what they have for this fifth installment is what he wanted.

I’m very, very excited… I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark again the other day, it’s done very well and everything has a lot of charm, it’s a great story. So yeah, it’s a great honor to be a part of that franchise that I’ve grown up with… I’m in a fortunate position where they let me read the script earlier. And yeah, it was everything I expected it to be, so cool.

Along with all this, the actor took the opportunity to comment that his main interest is to create a completely new character. Mads Mikkelsen wants to be unique as the protagonist of Indiana Jones, not neglecting the importance and relevance of the entire franchise. This is also a big plus, since the strong commitment of the actors to these projects they can make a difference.

No matter how, this fifth installment of Indiana Jones already has a protagonist and they want to advance production for this spring. As in the rest of the films, John Williams will continue to compose the soundtrack, but Steven Spielberg will not be the director, although he will be the producer. The truth is that the project sounds very interesting and we wait to see how it progresses.

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Mads Mikkelsen will be part of the new Indiana Jones installment and announces his satisfaction with the script