Make time for personal care with these products

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Free yourself from the pressures and daily stress that many problems exert on your body, skin and hair and take a few minutes daily to perform this relaxing routine that will help you feel and look better. Read on to discover the steps to follow,

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1. Vela de Satya + Sage: Count your blessings with this candle that has an invigorating scent of mint, eucalyptus and rosemary that purifies and refreshes, while notes of thyme and cedar wood free the senses to relax and start your routine in a special way.

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2. Dermolimpiador de The Better Skin Co.: The first thing you should do is rid your skin of any impurities that could accumulate during the week, what better to do in a very gentle and gentle way by incorporating this cleansing gel that also provides minerals and nutrients to your dermis.

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3. 107 Beauty Moisturizing Cream: Once you have a blank canvas free of contaminants, the first thing you should apply is your moisturizer on damp skin so that it opens the pores and penetrates deeply to hydrate from within.

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4. Detox Mode body oil: Since your skin has been hydrated and you let your cream act, it is time to do the same with your body, and it is best to use an oil like this to help it soften and nourish itself throughout the night.

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5. Anti-acne treatment from The Better Skin Co .: If you have acne problems, then this is the ideal time for you to help your body eliminate those blemishes. This treatment has ingredients that help dry those undesirable pimples and with a little of it you will be able to eliminate them.

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6. Detox Mode Roller: If the products of your face are still present, then you can take advantage and use them as a lubricant to be able to massage your face with this roller that will help you refine your features and eliminate puffiness so that you look more stylized and rested.

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7. Lumin Skin facial scrub: During the winter our skin tends to dry out, so do not neglect it and add a little exfoliator every week to your routine to eliminate dead cells and that your dermis can regenerate naturally.

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8. Cataño Beauty Eye Cream: It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and you can give it a clear appearance with this eye contour cream that helps your look look very youthful by reducing wrinkles and the appearance of dark circles.

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9. Lumin Skin face mask: Lean back a bit on your bed and treat your skin to extreme hydration and replenishment in just 10 to 15 minutes with this restorative mask that features a powerful serum that will give you the impression of having slept for hours and looking very rested.

10. Detox Mode Body Massager: Finish your body routine with this massager that is designed to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system for a smooth, supple and toned appearance that helps release stagnant toxins and energy, increases well-being, soothes sore muscles and diminishes the appearance of cellulite.

11. Mamiel Relaxing Oil: Finish this fabulous nighttime routine just by applying a little of this essential oil on your face, as it helps eliminate daily stress so you can sleep satisfactorily and rest better.

12. Kiki Kreme brush: In the morning, before jumping into the shower, bet on a massage with this brush that works dry and helps you to remove dead cells, impurities and any product residue from your body to be able to generate natural nutrients and a skin fresher and healthier.

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Make time for personal care with these products