Marie Claire | Duel with Harry Styles? Jared Leto the Gucci Master Letter

Definitely, Jared Leto He is one of the most elegant and risky men in Hollywood. Yesterday he made it clear with his styling by the hand of Gucci for the SAGs Awards. In addition, the musician opened a duel, which was all the rage on social networks, with Harry Style, who in his last appearances made people talk with his tendentious looks.

In the prelude to yesterday’s awards, Leto made his appearance wearing a daring Gucci lilac suit jacket and seashell clutch. A very seventies ‘look’ that has been finished off with a scarf around the neck and gray Cuban high-heeled shoes designed by Alessandro Michele.

The truth is that the actor has long been one of the designer’s greatest inspirations, on repeated occasions he made his appearances by the hand of the Italian firm. What’s more, nowadays there is a movie around the Gucci family.

However, the comparisons were not long in coming. On social media, the Oscar winner was compared to the musician, Harry Style.

It is true that the former One Direcion has a style very similar to Leto, but due to the qualities indicated by the designer and the Italian masion.

Jared Leto: “I love the idea of ​​becoming my best work of art”

Eccentric, Renaissance, intense, seductive, fashionista and versatile are some of the words that have been used (and will continue to be used) to talk about Jared Leto, the actor, musician, director, model and more who has just added a new milestone to his long relationship with Gucci.

How? Through the new campaign of Guilty, the brand’s flagship fragrance that celebrates freedom like no other. This time, the actor and musician is accompanied by King’s wool, the also multifaceted singer of Blue Jeans.

Together, they are shown in iconic locations that have fed Hollywood so much, from a motel, beauty salon, convenience store, and coffee shop (where Courtney Love makes a cameo as a waitress).

In addition, they walk through the famous cemetery Hollywood Forever, in Santa Monica, where the remains of artists such as Judy Garland, Jonnhy Ramone and the legendary Rodolfo Valentino, among others.

In parallel, the actor and leader of 30 seconds to Mars has just returned to the screen with the super premiere of The Little Things, police thriller that put back in the Oscar race.

And it is also preparing for a great series of premieres. Not only will the joker costume (Will he come out “redeemed” from the version and “Jack Snyder cut” of The Justice League?) But has just been signed by Apple Tv + for its new star series, about the owner of WeWork and with Anne Hathaway.

As if all this were not enough, the postponed filming of the Andy Warhol biopic, for which he already promised a “radical” immersion in that unforgettable artist and character. By email (he only accepts answering questions that way) he told us about his intense 2020 and his even more challenging new year.

-You were part of a Gucci campaign again. What feelings did this campaign leave you?

-Nothing is what you expect with Gucci, that’s why I like working with them so much. The team is incredibly hard-working and creative. The Guilty campaign celebrates outsiders, artists, and risk takers that I relate to. I am happy to be a part of your adventure and contribute in any way that I can.

-How was it working with Alessandro Michele?

-I think Alessandro and I have a lot in commonWe are similar in age, we have similar creative pursuits, and we love our work very much. I think it is a bold and passionate artist and I love spending time with him, whether in a campaign or in a long night …

-Has your documentary (with which you have been working for years) A day in the life of America (“A day in the life of America”) premiered? How would you define it?

-As a kind of snapshot of who we are as americans. The idea was to provide a little information about the type of people we are and how long we have lived. I think it was important change camera direction to look at ourselves a little and recognize all the people who make up the social fabric of our country.

-The pandemic changed the lives of all the people on this planet. How was it in your case?

-It is true, we have all been deeply affected by the pandemic. It has been a very difficult time for many people who he lost his jobs, he lost his loved ones.

At the same time, it was also a good time to take a break and rest. From my 7 years that he did not spend so much time in one place …

-What was your main “refuge” or “balm for the soul” during this time?

-Meditate every day, cook a lot of food and connect with friends and loved ones. AND climb mountains when I could do it again …

-What things or people inspire you?

-Nature, art, music, mountains, memories, my family and the future.

-You are about to play none other than the great Andy Warhol for his new biopic. Is it more challenging to face a real character than a fictional one?

-Andy Warhol has always been an inspiration to me. I believe that his greatest work of art was himself. I love that idea of ​​art and transcendence. Even for myself. Andy became who he dreamed of being. He was truly a “self made man”, a man -and an enigma-, created to his liking and whim. I hope I can breathe new life into her story with this movie.

-Action, direction, music, fashion campaigns… How do you manage to be so multitasking?

-Lately I have had much more time since, as I was saying, I spent many months at home. But the truth is that my great secret to to stay on the axis is to meditate every day. Before the pandemic locked us in our homes, I was already prioritizing, thanks to meditation, the things that were important for me at every moment.

-Do you have many dreams ahead?

-Yes. I confess a small one: I would love to make a good pochoclera movie, especially one romantic comedy With all the letters.-

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Marie Claire | Duel with Harry Styles? Jared Leto the Gucci Master Letter