Marie Claire | One by one, the series that arrive (and return!) In May

The series they follow their triumphal path on the path of streaming and by now we need a true road map so as not to miss the train of news.

It is with that spirit that, month by month, we offer here a small curatorship of the main events of the month, whether premieres or comebacks and in all most important platforms and channels. Come in, write down and see:

The Handmaid’s Tale

After a long wait (exacerbated by the pandemic), comes the fourth season of the already famous series based on the saga of Margaret Atwood. The premiere will be with a triple episode and then the remaining 7 will be released weekly.

In this new cycle, the protagonist June (Elisabeth Moss) will finally seek to realize his dream of “Revolution, liberation and revenge” against the infamous Gilead State. Of course, his role as a rebel leader will bring him many – and unexpected – challenges. Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Max Minghella, Ann Dowd y Madeline Brewer, among others, they return to their usual roles.

Girl from nowhere

  • Premiere: Friday 7
  • Canal / Plataforma: Netflix

For many people the initial season may have gone unnoticed so they can take advantage of this return to see (and talk about) this interesting thai series unit format: each chapter (45 minutes) it is worth by itself.

The common thread is Nanno, a student who “Travels” through different high schools, exposing the lies, hypocrisy, abuse and mistreatment that are hidden in their classrooms and that can involve both students and teachers. With winks to the fantastic cinema (and also with little touches of black mood), the series offers an alternative and raw look at current teenage dramas.

In treatment

  • Premiere: Sunday 23
  • Channel / Platform: HBO

Another series that returns, in this case with its fourth season and after a stop of… ten years! And he also does it with a new therapist: the Dra. Brooke Taylor, interpreted by Uzo Aduba (yes, the “Crazy Eyes” of Orange is the New Black). Among his patients we will see Colin, a millionaire con artist and Laila, a very suspicious teenager.


  • Premiere: Friday 21
  • Channel / Platform: Amazon Prime Video

After the good reception of True Love, Amazon is doubling down on a anthological series whose original title is in Spanish and deals with loneliness and the need to connect with others (in all kinds of contexts).

Your Creator, David Weil, comes from doing Hunters, and here he decided to turn to a register much closer to science fiction and dystopian futures (in the style Black Mirror). The cast of all seven episodes impress again (just as True Love did): Anne Hathaway (in the episode that most bets on science fiction), Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Uzo Aduba, Anthony Mackie, Dan Stevens y Constance Wu, among others.


  • Premiere: Thursday 6th
  • Canal / Plataforma: Film&Arts / Flow

The unfinished novel by Jane Austen (he wrote 11 chapters before he died) is the kickoff of this story set in the beautiful fictional seaside town of the title, in the 19th century.

Up there it goes Charlotte (Rose Williams), the protagonist of the series, who takes the classic narrative journey in Austen’s novels: from the small-town world to the most coveted and high society.

In her new home she is welcomed by wealthy Tom (Kris Marshall) and a family that struggles and asks what it will be like that strange leap to modernity. Ideal for fans and fans of Downton Abbey.

Deep Water

  • Premiere: Friday 14
  • Canal / Plataforma: TNT Series / Flow

Clearly, your cover letter is the same everywhere: “la Big Little Lies británica”. Based on the novels of Paula Daly (adapted by a team of women), the series presents the crossed lives of three neighbors, mothers and friends from a bucolic district of Lake District (North West England) who decide to end, each in their own way, with a long tradition of lies and deception.

Yes, there are many shared premises, although later the plot of Deep Water (much closer to classic soap opera) will shoot in several parallel conflicts (without going into so much social criticism and empowerment discourses).

Run the world

  • Premiere: Sunday 16
  • Channel / Platform: Starzplay

With a title that honors the one remembered beyoncé song comes this new series about four friends, thirty-something, professionals and inseparable, fighting in New York.

Yes, it has a lot of Sex and the city (Even his costume designer, Patricia Field), but in a more modern, diverse world also focused on the African American community of Harlem. There are a total of 8 episodes, of half an hour each.

Star Wars:The Bad Batch

  • Premiere: Tuesday 4 (or May The Fourth, World Star Wars Day)
  • Channel / Platform: Disney +

New “detachment” of the universe created by George Lucas, this time in animated series format and with the remembered “Clones” from episode II as singular protagonists.

Actually, it is a very special unit of those droids, an elite batch that developed special skills and characteristics and that for this reason it becomes the ideal candidate to stop a new threat to the relative peace of the Galaxy.

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Marie Claire | One by one, the series that arrive (and return!) In May