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She is only 14 but already has a career many adults would envy: Marsai Martin has become the youngest executive producer in Hollywood. He has just released his first film in the United States, Little, and her intelligence, energy and her desire to dedicate herself to what she likes show that she will soon be recognized around the world. “When you really believe in something you will stand up for it. You will press for it to become a reality, “said the young woman in an interview with Times.

He was part of the list of the 25 most influential young people of 2018 that this same magazine produces each year, sharing space with the famous actress from Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, or with the young activist and defender of climate change, the Swede Greta Thunberg. Her passion for acting began when she was two years old, when her parents were surprised to find her performing scenes from Dreamgirls . “I think it’s been in my blood for a long time,” Martin explained then.

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Although even she herself is surprised to have produced a film at her age. “I thought there were people younger than me who were already doing something like that. But now that pushes me to inspire more young children like me to keep moving on this path, “he says in another recent interview with Fast Company.

In Spain her name is hardly known, but in Hollywood the actress is not new to anyone. At age 10 she moved from her hometown, Plano, Texas, to Los Angeles, where she was selected to participate in the ABC series, Black-ish, created by Kenya Barris and focused on the adventures of an African American family. Her role as Diane Johnson, the witty and playful little daughter, has earned her many accolades including two NAACP Image Awards and a Young Artist Award. Also two Screen Actors Guild Awards for outstanding job performance. In 2016, at just 12 years old, she made her big screen debut with a lead role in the Amazon Studios film An Amercian Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win.

Little, a film she produces and also stars in, is a comedy that chronicles how a domineering boss (Regina Hall) transforms into the child version of herself (Marsai Martin). She was the one who came up with the script and didn’t stop until she got it. “At first I thought that my voice was not heard because I was young, but when you have the right people that you really trust and you care about what they think, then you would tell them what you want,” he admits. In the film, bullying becomes a central theme, something carefully thought out by Martin. “I’ve been through that before, being the only black girl in school who wore glasses,” she also explains about her character in Little. “The public will understand something that is very authentic, and that’s all I want to create.”

Martin accumulates more than a million followers on Instagram, a platform he uses every day. In it he publishes images of both work and his most personal life. In addition to her styles on red carpets and the promotions of her projects, this young actress shares some everyday moments such as laughter with her friends or family, especially with her mother, whom she thanks in many publications for her strength, her company and the support he has always shown.

She assures that in the future she can see herself writing, directing and winning great academy awards, but for now she takes her immersion on this arduous path in stride. “I still have a lot of nerves, and I’m a little shy to say what I want to say,” she says. For now, she has already made history and her mission is to open a door for more young people to dare to take the step of betting on their ideas on screen. “It’s about making Hollywood understand us, listen to us and follow in our footsteps. This is the next generation, “he concludes.

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Marsai Martin, a 14-year-old producer in Hollywood | People