Marvel Studios would be concerned about the “bad” relationship between Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson

Marvel Studios’ business brings with it many talking points about movies and series already made or in development, but from time to time scandal comes into the picture and the company can do little about it, just let the waters settle. One of the recent controversies was the photographs of Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora in which they appear kissing. In recent days it was commented that Marvel Studios was furious with the director and the actress because apparently that is not the image they seek to give the public, but new information maintains that the company is concerned that things between the two stars are not going well.

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At the end of May, a series of images were viralized in which we observed Waititi, Thompson and Now being much closer than we imagined. Social networks commented on the material and Daily Telegraph handled information about the alleged discontent of Marvel Studios with the members of his saga, and that he had even called their attention to avoid other problems in the future. But it seems that now the signals have changed and Reddit is commenting that the company is only concerned because the relationship between Magic and Tessa not okay right now.

The Reddit source appears to be the same one that teased Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ appearance in Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97%, and now maintains that both Marvel Studios and the agents of Waititi and Thompson they fear the worst for their relationship. They both recently finished filming Thor: Love and Thunder and will return in the future to promote the film. Although the information on Reddit is just a rumor, we are certain that both actors will be very careful in the future regarding the management of their intimate lives.

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On the other hand, Marvel Studios fans are eager to see the arrival of Thor: Love and Thunder. The fourth installment of the franchise is on the way to becoming a great success for the company despite the discouraging delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic; Fortunately, the filming has concluded and very soon we will see the final product on the billboard. Do youLove and Thunder will be able to surpass the big box office obtained by Thor: Ragnarok – 92%? Marvel Studios found in Taika Waititi the ideal director to continue with the story of the famous superhero.

Like the rest of Marvel movies, Thor: Love and Thunder had to face the unfortunate reality of a 2022 premiere. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the company to make a readjustment for all its films in order not to lose millions in the future. Thor’s fourth film is one of the most anticipated after the absolute triumph it represented Thor: Ragnarok. Thor: Love and Thunder It could include a more serious tone for reasons like Jane Foster’s cancer and even some of the best acting in the entire MCU. It will hit theaters on May 6, 2022 to drive fans crazy.

Although Thor: Love and Thunder will include the actors we already know, it seems that one of the great absences will be Tom Hiddleston. But it will not be necessary to feel bad for him. This Wednesday, June 9, the first chapter of Loki, the series that the character so badly needed, opens on Disney Plus. The antihero has won the affection of fans since 2011 and for a long time they asked for a project starring him. Now only a few days separate us from him.

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Marvel Studios would be concerned about the “bad” relationship between Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson