Marvel Teases Killing Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Before No Way Home

Prior to their MCU team-up in No Way Home, Marvel Comics is teasing the deaths of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in major events.

From the looks of a new trailer and images from Marvel Comics, the deaths of both Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are being teased before their MCU team-up in Spider-Man: No Way Home. While the coming Death of Doctor Strange event is occurring in September, it will be immediately followed by Spider-Man: Beyond, ushering in a new era for the Webslinger that will see Peter Parker being replaced by his own clone Ben Reilly. However, it seems as though the reason for the replacement won’t be the result of Peter simply wanting to take a vacation. Instead, there seems to be quite a bit of set-up suggesting that the original Spider-Man will be meeting his demise just before the Sorcerer Supreme does the same.

According to the new trailer teasing Spider-Man: Beyond, which will begin with Amazing Spider-Man #75, the issue will initially start with Ben Reilly’s return to New York, joining Peter as the pair team up to keep the city safe. However, a new threat will create an incredibly dire situation where: “Two Spider-Men will swing into action… but only one will swing out!” Thanks to solicitations and promo art, it’s been all but confirmed that the surviving Spider-Man will be Ben Reilly, who will then take over as the main Spider-Man (while also being sponsored by a group known as the Beyond Corporation).

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While some had assumed that Peter Parker would be meeting his end thanks to his current foe Kindred before Nick Spencer’s run comes to an end with Amazing Spider-Man #74, it seems as though he’ll be surviving that gauntlet just to face his death while fighting with Ben Reilly according to the new trailer from Marvel. In any case, it seems as though Marvel is looking to generate some strong synergy, seeing as how Doctor Strange will be dying in September just before Peter’s theoretical death in October – which is coincidentally only two months before the release of the MCU’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will see Parker and the Sorcerer Supreme teaming up.


Clearly, the moves being made in the comics are intentional, because what draws eyes to the comics more than a major character’s death (and inevitable resurrection later on down the line)? Likewise, this type of brand synergy with Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics is becoming a consistent trend such as with the new Winter Guard and Shang-Chi series coming right off the heels of the MCU’s Black Widow and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings releases.

In any case, the potential deaths of Peter Parker and Doctor Strange are bound to be fairly exciting affairs, though neither would likely last too terribly long. That being said, it seems as though temporary replacements have already been lined up for the two iconic heroes, though the identity of the new Sorcerer Supreme has yet to be revealed. Regardless, the next few months are definitely going to be pretty big for Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in the comics and on the big screen as well.

Death of Doctor Strange #1 releases September 22nd and Amazing Spider-Man #75 releases October 6th.

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Marvel Teases Killing Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Before No Way Home