Marvel’s Eternals Is More Jack Kirby, Less Neil Gaiman

Eternals executive producer Nate Moore says the MCU film hews closer to Jack Kirby’s original comics than to Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed miniseries.

Eternals executive producer Nate Moore says the upcoming Marvel Studios film will take more cues from the works of original creator Jack Kirby than from the popular 2006 limited series written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by John Romita Jr.

While speaking to, Moore discussed what audiences may have wanted from the movie. “Eternals as you guys probably know, is created by Jack Kirby, 1976. The most popular run, again, I’m telling you guys the things you know, was probably the Neil Gaiman run, right? And I think that’s the expectation of this movie,” he began. “We’ll probably borrow out from that. But the truth is we actually are more inspired by the Kirby stuff, so we’re kind of going back to the old stuff, both mythologically and how the movie lays out.”

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Moore added that the Gaiman run, which was his introduction to the characters outside of Sersi being a member of the Avengers, was “very much about people who didn’t realize they were special and then of course, coming and saying, ‘Hey, guess what? You guys are immortals and your memories have been erased.'”

He continued, “That’s pretty cool but that’s also the plot of Harry Potter, and I’m Number Four and a lot of movies like that, The Matrix, right? Whereas we thought it would be more interesting to spend the time with the characters who knew exactly who they were, and to track those characters through in our movie, what will be 7,000 years of human history.”

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Moore concluded by reiterating that “rather than having sort of access point characters who have to ask a lot of questions,” the Eternals “know exactly why they’re here and what they’re doing.” “But we do change some of the Kirby mythology,” he said. “So our movie takes place over two time periods. It’s structured, again, not in quality, but in style like Godfather II. There’s a past storyline and the present storyline.”

Eternals having two seperate storylines in it was recently confirmed by a press release from Disney, with the first showing the Eternals in the beginning as “formidable team and a close family unit” and the second showing them separated and now living among humans, but coming back together to battle the villainous Deviants. “We want audiences to discover a corner of the Marvel universe they’ve never seen before,” Moore stated. “We want them to discover a mythology that is a challenging sci-fi movie but also has a human heart. And we want them to meet ten heroes who they hopefully can relate to.”

Directed by Chloé Zhao, Eternals hits theaters on Nov. 5.

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Marvel’s Eternals Is More Jack Kirby, Less Neil Gaiman