Marvel’s Eternals Star Breaks the Team’s Roster Down Into Brains vs Brawn

Gemma Chan, who plays Sersi in Marvel’s Eternals, distinguishes where she and the other nine Eternals fit in terms of their roles and power levels.

A new Eternals featurette reveals how the titular Marvel Cinematic Universe team lean toward one of two directions per character when it comes to combat and their extraterrestrial powers.

During the video, titled “In The Beginning,” Sersi actor Gemma Chan explains that “five of the Eternals are more of the thinkers,” which then cuts to a clip of her character alongside Sprite, Druig, Ajak and Phastos before showing Sersi transform an erupting volcano’s rocks into butterflies. “The other five are the stronger fighters,” she continues, leading to another split screen of Gilgamesh, Kingo, Ikaris, Thena and Makkari involved in more action-heavy scenes against bestial Deviants.

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also broke down how Eternals balances its action with the characters’ complicated relationships after a couple millennia estranged together on Earth. “The Eternals are these remarkably superpowered characters, but also a dysfunctional family unit,” he explained, with the featurette demonstrating brief glimpses of their powers like Sprite turning everyone invisible, Phastos creating a pair of arm canons and Kingo launching an explosion that, as shown behind the scenes, destroys an entire house.

The video also contrasts a happier past image of the team in smiles against their somber present-day selves, with Sprite admitting that “If this is the end of the world, at least we have front-row seats.”

As revealed in Eternals‘ trailers and commercials, the team was brought to Earth by their creators, the godlike Celestials, to protect humanity from creatures known as the Deviants. It’s also revealed by Ajak (Selma Hayek) that, despite multiple instances where they could have helped heroes like the Avengers, the Eternals were forbidden from interfering in human affairs unless they specifically involved Deviants, which hadn’t happened for millennia. However, according to producer Nate Moore, the film’s present-day plot will see the unexpected return of the Deviants in time for a cataclysmic event known as “The Emergence,” forcing the Eternals to reunite after lifetimes apart and defeat their old foes as a team again.

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Director Chloé Zhao also confirmed that, unlike previous MCU films, Eternals‘ plot will be deliberately standalone in regards to the wider timeline, despite Marvel Studios’ last film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, teasing a possible cosmic connection to Eternals. During Shang-Chi‘s mid-credit scene, it’s revealed that, when Shang-Chi acquired the millennia-old rings from his father Wenwu, they activated a homing beacon whose signal was aimed at some unknown destination in outer space.

Eternals releases in theaters on November 5.

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Marvel’s Eternals Star Breaks the Team’s Roster Down Into Brains vs Brawn