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Robert Langdon is back in Peacock’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ and he looks er…younger, definitely has great hair and the only question is if he can replicate Tom Hanks’s brilliant performance as the brainy symbologist from the movies. ‘The Lost Symbol’ is one of the four books from the Langdon series by best-selling author Dan Brown and Hanks essayed the role in three movies. 

The latest book-to-TV adaptation will see Ashley Zukerman play the titular character and is supported by a solid cast comprising Valorie Curry, Raoul Bhaneja, Sammy Rotibi, and Keenan Joliff. While we wait for the series to premiere, here are some of Peacock’s impressive content you could check out: ‘Departure’, ‘The Capture’, ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Brave New World’.


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Here’s a quick look at the star cast:

Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon in ‘The Lost Symbol’ (Peacock)


Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon

The Australian-American actor plays the cryptologist in the series. He is known for playing Dr Charlie Isaacs in ‘Manhattan’, and the role of Peter Macleish in ABC and later Netflix’s ‘Designated Survivor’. Talking about his role in the series, he told Newsweek that while the role was originally intimidating, he didn’t feel the heat.

Talking about how the show varied from the movies, he said: “I think we have more time to delve into the characters and what they’re experiencing. In the pilot, you start to get a sense of it. I think something that’s consistent in the books, and what Dan Brown told me, is that Langdon would love to have faith but there’s something in him that can’t allow it.”

Valorie Curry as Katherine Solomon

The novel sees Katherine join Langdon as his deuteragonist. The series may add a bit of a spin to her character played by Valorie Curry known for her work in ‘Veronica Mars’. The 35-year-old previously essayed key roles in ‘House of Lies’ and ‘The Following’. She also has a solid resume in movies starring in ‘Inherit the Viper’, ‘Blair Witch’ and ‘After Project’. 

Actress Valorie Curry (Getty Images)

Eddie Izzard as Peter Solomon

The English stand-up comedian plays Peter Solomon. The books see Solomon as Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and Katherine’s brother. In the series, there has been an obvious twist. Izzard is genderfluid. Previous works include ‘Castles in the Sky’, ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ and ‘Treasure Island’.


Beau Knapp as Mal’akh

Knapp plays Mal’akh, the main antagonist in the book. He is the son of industrialist Peter Solomon and seeks to steal a Masonic pyramid that his father possesses. Knapp’s previous works include ‘Southpaw’, ‘Crypto’, and ‘American Skin’. 


The official synopsis of ‘The Lost Symbol’ reads: “The series follows the early adventures of famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who finds himself pulled into a series of deadly puzzles when his mentor is kidnapped. The CIA forces him onto a task force where he uncovers a chilling conspiracy.”

‘The Lost Symbol’ premieres September 16 on Peacock.

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Meet Ashley Zukerman and others from Peacock series – nonenglishfeed