Meet Brooklynn Prince, the amazing girl from ‘the Florida Project’

Sean Baker no longer goes after an iPhone to shoot ‘The Florida Project’ as he did in ‘Tangerine’, his previous film. AND Nor has he pulled his hair out with the three leading children who reign in a land where the limits of adults sound like jokes and the color of the immense block in which thousands of marginalized families kill routine invites a childish anarchy, with Moonee leading.

That girl, manipulative when she wants, shameless and with a head full of mischief is the best we can find in the movie and It has served to discover an actress prodigy, a precocious interpreter who got half Hollywood in her pocket at the Critics Choice Awards.

Who is Brooklynn Prince?

1 The star of ‘The Florida Project’

Brooklynn Prince plays in ‘The Florida Project’ Moonee, Halley’s daughter and the little leader of that kind of street gang of little monsters who only have fun spitting on cars and doing other such tricks. The film focuses on the vision of children and Prince is the absolute protagonist.

2 A very professional actress
A very professional actress

At the age of six, one less than he is now, he shot the Sean Baker movie last summer. The director tells of her that, like her younger co-stars, she was never shy about the camera and that, despite being so young, she had the ability to give him a feedback to the director to make his character more real by changing some expressions in the script.

3 He was excited to be able to say tacos
He was excited to be able to say tacos

The leading children of ‘The Florida Project’ do not cut a hair when saying tacos. In an interview with W Magazine, Prince said he had heard the swear words that, in English, start with s and b. “When I read the script, my parents reacted like, ‘Oh my god. If you say those words at home, you’re going to get in big, big trouble. ‘ And I was like: ‘What?’ But in the end they felt good because Sean Baker kept us at bay. “he explained.

4 His great role
His great role

Brooklynn Prince was one of the last girls to audition for the role of Moonee in ‘The Florida Project’, the character that has meant a before and after in her early career. Until now, He had only shot television commercials and had participated in an independent film.

5 Made everyone cry at the Critics Choice Awards

Named with Jacob Tremblay for ‘Wonder’ or Dafne Keen for ‘Logan’, Brooklynn Prince won the Critic Choice Award for Best Young Actress. When she went on stage with great emotion, she fell in love with those present and thanked them for having been part of such a wonderful project. But the thing did not stop there because Prince dedicated the award to all the Halleys and Moonees out there, as it is a “real problem” the economic and social situation in which they live. The actress asked for help for those mothers and daughters.

6 And he sneaked into the SAG Awards
And he sneaked into the SAG Awards

Without being in person at the gala, the protagonist of ‘The Florida Project’ also he stole the spotlight at the SAG Awards by making photomontages of his image alongside the stars he hadn’t been able to photograph with. Thus, a hilarious montage with Millie Bobby Brown and Dakota Fanning uploaded to his Twitter account.

7 An early path to the Oscar

8 Now papers are raining him
Now papers are raining him

After Sean Baker discovered her, she now has several projects in development. The first, along with Angelina Jolie, whom he hugged after winning the Critic Choice. They will work together on ‘The One and Only Ivan’. Another project in which he will participate is ‘The Turning’, a scary movie about a haunted house in which he will coincide with Finn Wolfhard.

Meet Brooklynn Prince, the amazing girl from 'the Florida Project'

If you cry, I cry

In fact, thanks to that awards ceremony Brooklynn Prince confirmed what he had already shown with the character of Baker: that the best fragrances come in small bottles. A promising young woman who points out ways in the world of acting and has stolen the hearts of Hollywood.


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Meet Brooklynn Prince, the amazing girl from ‘the Florida Project’