Met Gala 2021: This is how men dress now and these were the best looks

For the with Gala there are no limits. Absolutely none. And under that constant rule – or necessary condition for its existence – is that its assistants are invited to live as outside the box as possible. However, this was not the case for his entire life. If we dig a little in the archives of this evening we will see that there was a time when men arrived with the dress code most conventional of all. Especially when we talk about a charity event where the richest and most influential people in New York society met. We will see how, even in the 80s and early 90s, the black label stood as a common framework for any invited man. Mythical designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Halston attended governed by this same logic, even.

It was until the end of the 20th century and somewhat into the 2000s that we saw outfits truly bold. Men who decided to sign outside the dotted line and color beyond the edges. To mention just a few, comedian Alan Cumming in his silver suit and tennis shoes for the 1998 edition. Even more memorable: Alexander McQueen in his kilt for 2006. Totally legendary: Marc Jacobs wearing a Comme des Garçons lace dress about a classic white boxer in 2012. The madness and the most constroverted moments in all its history.

The union of genres, par excellence.

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And that was how the spirit of the with Gala reached the greatest stage of transgression in 2010. Where personality, art, rupture, freedom and – technically the performance– they made the skeleton of his red carpet. Jaden Smith carrying his own dreadlocks as an accessory? Yes of course. Chadwick Boseman in a Versace cape hinting at clerical figures? Definitive. Jared Leto (in one of his best looks) carrying a replica of his own head, and Ezra Miller in a glitch gender and face? Hyper-transcendent like few things we have seen in recent years.

In a matter of 73 years we have gone from the tuxedo or the sumptuously formal tailcoat, to haute couture dresses and garments that renounce the canons of masculinity. It’s easy to say, but never in history has there been such a strong evolution and in such a short period, speaking of dress codes and expectations about the image of man.

So, this paragon, we can say that the best looks of this Met Gala 2021 —So special after being postponed last year — were the ones you’re about to see.

Adam Mosseri

We couldn’t expect anything other than Mr. Instagram

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A suit to get out of the ordinary.

Tom Ford

One of the men who have built this celebration into a true milestone.

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Always being the true gentleman of American fashion.

Timothy Chalamet

Tim following one of the clearest trends of the season.

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And those classic Converse that will never, never go out of style.

Leon Bridges

The contemporary king of soul.

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Is there anything more American than a jacket with bangs?

Dan Levy

A world map full of audacity.

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A Loewe who talks about hope and stands against homophobia. The idea was to create together Jonathan Anderson a powerful ensemble that would celebrate “the resistance, the love and the joy” of the LGBTQ + community during the period we are going through today. Mission accomplished, Dan.

Troye sivan

A look from the 90s.

© Jeff Kravitz

Accessories are key to Troye’s silhouette.

Lil Nas X

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Up god in gold.

Evan Mock

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Our favorite Gossip Girl friend.

Frank Ocean

We don’t know how much we love it or how much it terrifies us.

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Your little green creature’s relationship to the American lexicon remains a mystery as well.

Josh O’Connor

Josh O’Connor being the coolest Windsor ever.

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A lesson in how black and powder blue are a great combination.

Pete Davidson

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And pearls are another point to pay attention to.


© Mike Coppola via Getty Images

The exact sample of eclecticism in American aesthetics.

Jerry Lorenzo

© Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images

A lesson in how to use raw colors.

Justin Bieber

One more sample of why the suits lose u oversized they are the best for the style of this decade.

The millennial spirit made tailoring.

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Virgil Abloh

Follow the rabbit, Alice…

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The king.

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Met Gala 2021: This is how men dress now and these were the best looks