Michiel Huisman shows you this season’s blue suits

Dragon tamer.

Photography: Anders Overgaard

It was incorporated in the fourth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ and he quickly managed to make no one remember the hair of Ed Skrein, the actor he replaced in the role of Daario Naharis. Less than a month before the premiere of the sixth installment, Michiel Huisman (Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 1981) is delighted with the progress of his American dream. In the last decade he has achieved what other colleagues do not taste in a lifetime: landing in the jungle and not dying of irrelevance, playing successful roles in film and television, building a family that does not fall apart – he married in 2008 And he has a girl – and, most importantly, starring in GQ.

Experienced in dozens of audiovisual projects in his country, when he was 30 years old he decided to follow the classic script of aspiring stars: moving to New York and kicking auditions. musicians–, in 2010 he hit the magic key: ‘Treme’. For three years he played a drug addicted musician named Sonny. From there he jumped to the movies – ‘World War Z’ – and then returned to television thanks to ‘Nashville’. But the great hit of his life, without a doubt, came with the violent dynastic struggles for control of the Iron Throne. Or, what is the same, that series based on the imagination of George RR Martin that has smashed all existing records. Huisman joined the cast late and was early on. Over twenty chapters he has satisfied the low instincts of viewers hungry for a good dose of blood and sex. Khaleesi’s sadistic attitude – Daenerys to friends – keeps him subdued, and he is delighted in his position as a recurring friend.

In real life, his role as hot guy has opened many doors for him. Chanel – yes, that Chanel–, who signed him to pamper Gisele Bündchen in the commercial shot by filmmaker Baz Luhrmann. However, his daily life has little to do with the empty effervescence that is breathed in Los Angeles. Since the days when ‘Treme’ was filmed, Huisman has lived in New Orleans, the province of “I want to have a life without stress.” Apparently, in its European streets the actor’s family lives happily. There are no dragons there. All the beasts are said to have moved to Hollywood.

Gold seems silver is not…

The new blue suit has the surname of your choice – forget about the navy one – and it is so versatile that you can combine it with printed shirts and lively ties. It’s time to breathe joy into business suits.

Hugo + Burberry Shirt + The Hill-Side Tie + TheTie Bar Barrette + J.Crew Scarf + Bulova Watch

Photography: Anders Overgaard

Big fish, sharp stripes

Between navy and light blue, not only are there a thousand blues that are multiplying – ink, night, electric … -, there is also the possibility of innovating with pinstripe or patterns. In the case of the first, the use of the pinstripe suit is limited to the workplace: it is to work or to make you work.

Ralph Lauren Suit, Shirt and Tie + TheTie Bar Scarf + SmartTurnout Watch + Tom Ford Shoes.

Photography: Anders Overgaard

Curl the curl and don’t skid

Patterned plaid suits require a certain amount of caution and should not go too high. Our advice is to follow Michiel’s example: opt for a single color range in different shades. You know that first cousins ​​never step on their hoses.

Etro Suit and Shirt + GitmanVintage Tie + Paul Stuart Handkerchief + Hamilton Watch.

Photography: Anders Overgaard

* Article originally published in GQ number 220.

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Michiel Huisman shows you this season’s blue suits