Millie Bobby Brown could be in talks to be part of Deadpool 3

In recent years, Ryan Reynolds has had a busy schedule in terms of film projects on his doorstep, some in full production, others that are about to be released and others that are still on the waiting list. Despite this, the actor still has a pending franchise, which although it is his most iconic character so far after his recent company move could be subjected to several important changes.

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Deadpool – 84% would have come in 2016 thanks to 20th Century Fox with the Marvel Entertainment co-production, however after Disney acquired Fox there was a lot of expectation if they would want to save the R-rated antihero when it was confirmed that they would continue to produce the starring movies. by Ryan Reynolds what would generate conversation is if its essence would be maintained, but that will be able to find out the fans until the premiere of Deadpool 3.

Another important issue behind this film is whether the other characters will also return with the faces of Zazie Beetz, Josh Brolin or Brianna Hildebrand. While that is being confirmed, some reports have indicated that several actors have already begun to be called by Marvel Studios to join the cast, and one of the names that have attracted the most attention is that of Millie Bobby Brown, the star of Stranger. Things – 96% who have so far achieved an important place beyond the hit Netflix series.

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The young actress was well received when she starred in her first film Enola Holmes – 95%, where she plays the younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes and has also landed an important role in the great Godzilla franchise since Godzilla II: King of the Monsters – 41% and soon on Godzilla vs. Kong. So far it is not known with certainty what kind of role he could play in Deadpool 3But it may be time for him to gain powers again.

While it is still not entirely certain that whoever plays Eleven will join this story of mutant antiheroes due to the projects she still has for the next few years, surely many of her fans would like to see her in this context. On the other hand, at the end of last year it was said that Netflix was seeking to give an exclusive contract to the actress to continue starring in its original content.

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The script of Deadpool 3 is currently being written by sisters Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, writers and producers of the animated series Bob’s Burgers and creators of the show The Great North – 100%. Also, according to what Kevin Feige confirmed, the same script is being supervised by Ryan Reynolds to keep some consistency with the first two movies.

So far it is not known with certainty when the production of the film will begin, but it is expected that it will be in the middle of 2022 when Reynolds will have finished the projects that he has on his agenda; Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the story will be inspired by the comic series called Deadpool – Merc With a Mouth from Victor Gischler launched between 2009 and 2010.


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Millie Bobby Brown could be in talks to be part of Deadpool 3