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The director Mimmo Calopreste during the photocall of the film ” Aspromonte – The land of the last ”, Rome 8 November 2019. ANSA / FABIO FRUSTACI

Mimmo Calopreste, one of the most interesting directors on the national scene, author of a cinema “in search of truth”, is the guest of honor of the FONDIfilmFESTIVAL – Riviera d’Ulisse XX, which offers the public a retrospective of his films and documentaries (the complete program can be downloaded from the website www.assodesantis.it).

The appointment with the author is for next Tuesday 14 September at 9.00 pm at the cloister of San Domenico in Fondi. On the occasion, the director – who will talk with the artistic director of the festival Marco Grossi – will introduce the screening of his latest film: “Aspromonte – The land of the last” (2019), a western-style fresco set in Calabria in the 1950s , a story about the broken promises and the broken energies of our South that refers to the season of Neorealism.

The son of a Calabrian tailor who emigrated to Turin to work as a worker at FIAT, Mimmo Calopreste is a screenwriter, director and actor. In 1985, in Turin, a group of filmmakers led by him produced independent cinema steeped in politics. A sort of return to Neorealism, but in a contemporary way: you turn in front of the factory, chat with the workers, document reality. From that year it is “About smudges”, which marks the directorial debut of Calopreste and earns him the first prize at the Youth Cinema Festival in Turin.

His artistic “battle” revolves around the idea of ​​cinema of reality: Calopreste wants
tell the world of the workers inside and outside the gates and investigate the relationships between them
people. Thus began his collaboration with the Audiovisual Archive of the Movement
Worker and Democrat – AAMOD for which he made several documentaries and short films:
“Brothers minor” (1987), “Ripresi” (1987), “Alla Fiat was so” (1990). In the 90s he signed for RAI “Paolo has a job” (1991) and “Paco e Francesca” (1992).

“The Second Time” (1995) is his first film as a director, produced and starring Nanni Moretti. The screenplay won the Solinas Prize and the film was presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. “The word love exists” (1998), his second feature film, won the Silver Ribbon as best original subject. The return to origins takes place with the documentary “Tutto era Fiat” (1999).


In 2000 he signed the feature film “I prefer the sound of the sea”. In “Happiness costs nothing” (2003) he divides his time between directing, screenwriting and acting. In the meantime he becomes director of the AAMOD. In 2004 he made “L’ora della lertola” about the artist Mimmo Rotella and in 2006 “Volevo solo vivo”, the documentary produced by Steven Spielberg for the Shoah Foundation, in collaboration with Rai Cinema.

He returns to the fictional feature film with “L’abbuffata” (2007) and in 2008 at the Venice Film Festival he presents “The German factory”, a documentary film on the Turin accident at Thyssenkrupp. The following year he made “The red shirt”, a documentary dedicated to the 1976 Davis Cup final in Santiago de Chile, in which Adriano Panatta decides to wear a red shirt to protest against Pinochet’s dictatorship.

In 2013 he published “Io e l’Avvocato. Story of our fathers ”, a novel in which it tells the story of two families traveling on parallel tracks: the ransom for those who started with nothing and the dramatic end of those who had everything. In the same year he made “Women inside and out”, about the women of the Rebibbia prison. Followed by “Socrates one of us” (2014), the feature film “Uno per tutti” (2015), inspired by the novel of the same name by Gaetano Savatteri, and “The ghost factory – Truth about my doll” (2016). Among his subsequent works, the documentary “Immondezza” (2017) and the feature film “Aspromonte – The land of the last” (2019). In recent weeks he is shooting “Romanzo Radicale”, a docufiction dedicated to Marco Pannella and his political and social struggles.

Admission is free subject to availability by showing the green certification (in compliance with the anti Covid-19 protocols in force). To reserve your seat in the stalls, simply send an SMS or a WhatsApp to the number 347.1434465 specifying: name and surname, day, time and number of seats.

The FONDIfilmFESTIVAL – Riviera d’Ulisse XX is organized by the Giuseppe De Santis Association and takes place with the patronage and contribution of the Lazio Region, the Regional Park Authority of the Ausoni Mountains and Lake of Fondi, the Municipality of Sperlonga, Sperlonga Turismo, the Municipality of Terracina , Comune di Fondi and the support of Banca Popolare di Fondi and ICOEL as main sponsor.

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Mimmo Calopreste at the FONDIfilmFESTIVAL – h24 news – D1SoftballNews.com