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A real #PrideGT! Again the talented Guatemalan Monica Walter Palmieri He surprises us with good news and that is that he was working as first assistant director on Amanda Seyfried’s new movie, call A Mouthful Of Air.

Without a doubt, we are very happy that more Guatemalans like Mónica are standing out abroad. What a Chilero!

Guatemalan was part of the directing team of the new film A Mouthful Of Air had the opportunity to interview again with Mónica, who told us in more detail about this new achievement in her career, with which she is succeeding in New York, United States, since she has been part of successful productions, including the third season New Amsterdam, where he served as Covid Manager.

That is why he once again stands out, thanks to his recent participation as the first assistant director in the most recent feature film of the directora Amy Koppelman, where the main protagonist is the actress nominated for the Oscar, Amanda Seyfried.

Description of the photo for blind people: two women are talking while looking at something, they are on a recording set. (Credit: Monica Walter Palmieri)

According to Monica, the selection process was through a producer with whom she worked for a series of Netflix and at the end of that project, he was hired to produce A Mouthful Of Air, which was acquired by Sony Pictures.

It was thus that he suggested the Guatemalan to be part of the team, so when passing the first round, around May she had an interview with the director and the main producer of the film, but after that she did not know anything until July that Amy Koppelman (the director) wrote, expressing that they wanted to work with Monica as an assistant director.

Subsequently, in August all pre-production began and then filming was in September until the first week of October 2019.

Description of the photo for blind people: two women are smiling, the one on the right with glasses is the director Amy Koppelman and next to her is the Guatemalan woman. (Credit: Monica Walter Palmieri)

How was the experience for the Guatemalan woman?

Monica said that this film is based on an autobiography of the director and that the film was quite hard, because the subject of postpartum depression was addressed.

That is why part of his work also consisted of creating that environment of respect and intimacy on set, where both the actors and the director feel safe in the strongest scenes. The Guatemalan woman expressed the following:

«When I read the script it fascinated me… I wanted to make the film from the moment I read it… I think it is a very important topic to talk about and I think the director had a lot of courage to tell her story… »

interview monica walter palmieri april 2021

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What was the biggest challenge Monica faced?

The Guatemalan woman mentioned feeling very proud of teamwork, as well as seeing the completion of this project where she participated.

However, he sees as something incredible what was achieved with the film, because each shoot had its difficulties, among which the biggest challenge was that they had babies of different ages on stage and due to labor laws it was difficult because newborns only they could spend 15 cumulative minutes on set.

That is why Monica was always aware that both the babies and their parents were well and that she planned the best possible movie. Despite the responsibility in her hands, Monica loved working with the babies.

Mónica Walter Palmieri Guatemalan first film assistant A Mouthful Of Air

Description of the photo for the blind: a woman is observed carrying a baby, while in the foreground there is a man with a glass of coffee. (Credit: Monica Walter Palmieri)

What was it like working with Amanda Seyfried?

The Guatemalan woman said: «It was incredible, Amanda is extremely professional, she knows and knows and understands perfectly what cinema is, what the set is, the language of cinema, the camera, the light, she absolutely understands it… »

He added that it is super easy to work with the actress, they knew everyone’s name or brought them something to eat, as did the producers, this as a thank you to the team: «He is a very good person, he always has a good attitude on set, he is always kind of happy, talking and he has that human quality that speaks with the crew and feels part of the crew.».

Monica Walter Palmieri assistant director new film Amanda Seyfried

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What is being the first assistant director of a film?

The Guatemalan indicated that the job of an assistant director is to be in charge of making sure that the entire film is shot on time and on budget, she is on the creative side with the directors and the DP to fulfill what they want, at the same time. who is in charge of the shooting plan and budget drawn up by the producers.

In addition, he also had contact with all the heads of the different departments to ensure that the entire vision is being developed and to enforce the requirements requested by the director.

Guatemalan Monica Walter Palmieri Assistant Director

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What plans are coming for the Guatemalan woman?

At the moment it is already ending New Amsterdam and he has a project for a series on the doorstep, which he will be sharing news about very soon. In addition, he is in the development of his own documentary.

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Monica Walter Palmieri was the first assistant director in Amanda Seyfried’s new film – nonenglishfeed