Mortal Kombat Movie May Be Getting A Sequel After All

Mortal Kombat debuted this past spring and a continuation of the shared cinematic universe is reportedly in the works at Warner Bros.

Mortal Kombat Movie Warner Bros

Warner Bros.’ Mortal Kombat film grossed an underwhelming $42 million total during its time in the recovering domestic box office last spring, with the worldwide total almost doubling that amount at $83 million, so fans of the recent adaptation have likely become worried about the prospects of a sequel. Luckily, a recent article has hinted at the potential continuation of the burgeoning franchise, leading fans to believe that a Mortal Kombat sequel just might have a chance to be made.

The first live-action adaptation of Mortal Kombat was released in 1995, with director Paul W.S. Anderson showcasing a story of Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Liu Kang teaming up to defeat Shang Sung at the Mortal Kombat tournament in order to prevent him from taking over the world. The film was followed up by a sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, which was widely panned as one of the worst video game films ever made. Since then, various Mortal Kombat video games have been released, including the entries from the recent franchise revival by Netherrealm Studios (such as Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat X, and Mortal Kombat 11), with Warner Bros.’s decision to move forward with a cinematic reboot likely spurred by the games’ success.

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In the Variety article, which primarily discusses Dune‘s HBO Max hybrid release, it was briefly stated that Warner Bros. was “looking to develop other installments in its ‘Mortal Kombat’ universe.” The article did not elaborate on the plot that a continuation of the new Mortal Kombat film might entail, nor did it mention any characters who might appear in sequels. However, the first film’s ending did tease a sequel by alluding to a future appearance by fan-favorite anti-hero Johnny Cage, who did not appear in the first installment’s story.


A Mortal Kombat sequel wouldn’t be the only live-action video game adaptation in the works at studios. Paramount is making Sonic the Hedgehog 2, while a live-action Pokemon series is in the works at Netflix. In addition, other films like Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Uncharted, and Borderlands are all slated to release in theaters soon.

Another film in the Mortal Kombat franchise would be very exciting, as it would give fans another chance to see actors like Lewis Tan and Josh Lawson reprise their roles as characters like Cole Young and Kano. A sequel could give them an opportunity to showcase the characters fighting in a tournament, or at least provide even more R-rated action to fans of the last film.

Mortal Kombat is now available on HBO Max.

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Source: Variety

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Mortal Kombat Movie May Be Getting A Sequel After All