Peugeot Pulsion 125, scooter with a grand touring soul

From the wide saddle pad to the keyless system, the new two-wheeler stands out for its care. It goes well in the folds and the engine gives immediate confidence

A scooterino 125 dressed as a Gran Turismo that thinks big: with the new Pulsion Peugeot is serious and returns to make the big voice in the scooter segment.

so the manager Peugeot Motorcycles: “Citizens and French” TECHNOLOGY

Beyond the engine (a single-cylinder 125 cmc from 14.6 hp, already supplied to other scooters of the French-Indian house), the Peugeot Pulsion impresses in many respects. The first is that it is a well-kept product, made entirely in France and full of feature from a “large” scooter. Large underseat (contains an integral and a jet), openable saddle with an electric button – as well as the fuel cap, positioned in the center of the platform – and keyless system for starting, to which is added the automatic activation of the four arrows in case abrupt braking, excellent in terms of passive safety. And above all a very advanced on-board infotainment system, called i-Connect, whose technology derives directly from Peugeot’s i-Cockpit, in which the 5-inch TFT display stands out. Bluetooth connectivity allows the scooter to “talk” with the smartphone through a dedicated app. The available functions range from the satellite navigator to personal messaging, passing through on-board diagnostics.

How it’s done

Compact (it is 1,970 mm long) and light (165 kilos dry), the Pulsion 125 gives confidence from the first meters. Very easy and intuitive, it is agile in traffic, it folds easily when cornering and, thanks to the new frame with 14 ”wheels at the front and 13 at the rear, offers noteworthy stability. It is clear that this technical basis will be used in the future for an upward development of the engine volume: the platform is very convincing both in the search for details (see the stainless steel finish footboards of the RS version), and in the style, which incorporates many elements of the automotive design of the House of the Lion.


The Pulsion has ergonomics designed to make life easier for the driver: the center of gravity is low (thanks also to the tank located under the platform, which contains 12 liters of petrol and allows you to travel 380 km), the seat-feet-handlebar triangulation is optimal. The aerodynamic protection offered by the windshield is also discreet (higher on the Allure version, more skimpy on the RS, which however has a sportier cut). The braking system with ABS and combined braking is effective, also because the wheels are locked in a very minimally invasive way. And the engine, however much it pushes, is very regular in delivery: it does not tear and gives confidence even to those who are not very accustomed to motorized two wheels.


The Peugeot Pulsion 125 is available in the Allure (red and dark gray colors) and RS (white-blue and gray-dark gray colors) versions respectively at 4,850 and 4,900 euros. It will go on sale from mid-May.

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Peugeot Pulsion 125, scooter with a grand touring soul