F1 Mazepin: “Not privileged, mine were poor”. But dad gives him a new frame

The Russian driver against those who accuse him of his well-being as a guarantee for racing: “I’m in F1 because I deserve it, my family was poor and my dad in conditions of confinement”. His father Dmitry, however, gave him a new chassis this season and opens up the possibility of managing his own team in F1.

Does dad’s money favor him in F1? Not at all, Nikita Mazepin just doesn’t want to know. He does so by revealing some little-known details, both about his family and about that of dad Dmitry: “I am privileged? I don’t want to be a fake – he explained to the Dutch magazine. Formula 1 – nor am I conditioned by the opinions of others. I’m here because I deserve it and I’ll leave when I lose my passion for this sport. Very few people know that my family was still poor when I was a child, and my father was also born in conditions of greater financial constraint. So much so that his mother (Nikita’s grandmother, ed) had to wait two years before being able to give him a birthday present “.

A new frame for his son Nikita

Today, however, dad Dmitry has become one of the richest entrepreneurs in Russia and through his fertilizer company, Uralkali, he guarantees funds for his son’s stable, Haas. The man, 53, gave Nikita a new frame to try to improve his performance on the track: “A real problem for the team, which we managed to solve together,” he said in an interview with ‘Russian broadcaster Match TV. “In 2021 a frame was destroyed after a bad accident and a new one was built, but destined for Mick Schumacher. Nikita instead took to the track with the old one, immediately giving a very different feedback. In June we reached a pact. between me and the team: the riders would have alternated with the new frame for an equal comparison. But if Nikita ended that weekend with a fresh frame, Mick had an accident. ”

Work tirelessly on the Haas 2022

So “I personally paid for the construction of another chassis with the approval of the team – added Dmitry Mazepin – because we all believe that the riders must compete at the same level and under the same conditions”. If the season was disappointing “because of a slow car” and the fact that the VF-21 “has never been updated”, the next World Championship car is under development in Maranello, at the Ferrari headquarters, and in the future extra funding could arrive: “We are ready to voluntarily offer additional conditions – added the entrepreneur a Match TV – with which we would like to motivate Haas employees to stay on the team and be more involved in the process. I understand that it is difficult to travel to 23 countries around the world in one season, the human factor plays an important role “.

Mazepin senior, will you buy an F1 team in the future?

Mazepin senior then spoke of the future desire to have his own team in F1. In 2018 he tried to buy the Force India (today with the name Aston Martin, ed), before Lawrence Stroll, Lance’s father, won the duel between the rich: “We have great ambitions in motorsport”, commented the Russian businessman. “In the past we have tried to buy a team, but we will not leave this issue behind and it is not about Nikita’s career. We want to expand our presence in Formula 1. We are represented in F.4, F.3 and F.2, and ideally the icing on the cake should be a team in the Circus that we want to own. ” To then conclude: “At the moment we are not negotiating with anyone, because everyone is waiting for the cards to be revealed in 2022”.

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F1 Mazepin: “Not privileged, mine were poor”. But dad gives him a new frame