Ford E-Transit: the zero-emission era begins for the iconic van

The electric model officially presented in Milan, arriving in 2022. 269 HP of power, autonomy of 350 km and 25 different configurations

Even for the Transit, a true (best-selling) icon of commercial vehicles, the era of zero emissions has begun. The first electric variant – presented in Milan, at the East End Studios – is called E-Transit and goes on the market without hiding the main target, namely the Fiat E-Ducato. The new model is powered by an electric motor with 269 hp and 430 Nm of torque, with rear-wheel drive. The electric unit is powered by a 67 kWh battery which guarantees a declared range of 350 km (for the WLTP cycle). There are several driving modes that allow you to keep autonomy under control. For example, by selecting Eco, which limits the maximum speed and optimizes climate control, energy consumption is reduced by up to 8-10%. The battery, positioned under the floor, does not affect the vehicle’s load capacity, which is equal to 15.1 cubic meters, the same value as a rear-wheel drive Transit diesel.


Among the technical innovations is the semi-longitudinal arm suspension system, capable of optimizing the load space and guaranteeing better driving precision even when fully loaded (the capacity is 1,616 kg for the van versions and up to 1,967 kg for those chassis). The E-Transit will be available in Europe in 25 different configurations, including various van, double cab van and chassis (open), as well as various roof lengths and heights and a full range of load classes up to 4.25. tons. It is possible to recharge in alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) up to 115 kW of power. In the first case, thanks to the 11.3 kW on-board charger, the van is able to restore the battery in 8.2 hours. In direct current, however, it is possible to go from 15% to 80% of the maximum battery capacity in 34 minutes.


The cockpit is very comfortable, for a commercial: well-finished upholstery and a durable-looking dashboard, both designed to be pleasant to look at, but at the same time adapt to being a little “mistreated” during the working day. Only one set-up is available, called Trend. The most important news is undoubtedly the introduction of the 12 ”diagonal touchscreen tablet with connected navigation, Sync 4.0 software, machine learning with voice recognition and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Next to the steering wheel we find the gear knob (being electric the E-Transit can only be automatic) Four driving modes are available: Normal, Eco, Slippery (in case of wet or low-grip road surface) and Low (with increased brake energy recovery and one-pedal function To make journeys more comfortable during winter days, the vehicle has the function of pre-heating the passenger compartment while it is still being charged.


Traveling with the Ford E-Transit is made safer thanks to the presence of driver assistance systems such as the signal reader and speed limit assistant, automatic emergency braking (also available for reverse), the system lane keeping and adaptive cruise control. Being designed for business use, the Pro Power Onboard system is available as an option, which transforms the vehicle into a sort of mobile UPS capable of providing power up to 2.3 kW to power tools and external equipment. The new vehicle will arrive at the beginning of 2022 with a price list of 48,500 euros for the Van version and 47,000 euros for the Chassis. There is a warranty of 8 years or 160 thousand km, in addition of course to the various services of the Ford Pro system with telematic control of the assistance and the downtime of the FordLive package, which combined with the advantages of the electric allows Ford to promise management costs. up to 40% lower than a Transit diesel with the same characteristics.

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Ford E-Transit: the zero-emission era begins for the iconic van