Maserati, the future is electric: from 2023 it lands in Formula E

The Trident after the e-prix in Rome and the arrival of Giovinazzi. The CEO Grasso: “The F1? Premature, but nothing is excluded “

Now it is safe, now there are no more doubts: the return to the future begins ”. Maserati returns to racing, and since it does so in Formula E, therefore in the most innovative and in a certain sense visionary category of motoring, it will be a race in the scenarios that the electric is earning in motorsport and in those that will open in automotive. “Back to the future” is the definition used by the CEO of Maserati, Davide Grasso, in announcing this new adventure. That is the debut of his brand in Formula E starting from Season 9, that of 2023 in which the Gen3 cars will also debut. And it is an extraordinary suggestion, because Maserati has a formidable tradition.


A legacy spanning more than a century. Suffice it to say that the first victory harpooned by a car branded with the Trident dates back to almost a century ago, in 1927, the year in which one of the founding brothers, Ernesto, won the Tripoli Grand Prix. “This is one of the most important days in the history of Formula E – said Agag, founder and president of the electric category – because here we are talking about a legend, of one of the most important brands in history. Here we are talking about Fangio… “. And you have to get dizzy to put together Juan Manuel Fangio who on Maserati won two World Championships (1954 and 1957) and 7 Formula 1 Grand Prix (another 2 GPs won by Stirling Moss) and the electric cars that hiss away between the walls of New York, Berlin and Rome.

Electric Italy

It is a great suggestion for the home, but also for all Italian enthusiasts. Because so far in Formula E we have enjoyed the beautiful Roman E-prix, under the Square Colosseum of Eur. But we didn’t have who to cheer for. From this year, starting in three weeks in Saudi Arabia, we have Antonio Giovinazzi on Dragon Penske. And from 2023 we will have Maserati, with drivers that Grasso ensures will be announced very soon, a matter of a few weeks. “We are the first Italian manufacturer to enter the category,” said Grasso. “” It took some time but we finally made it, for us it is essential to have one – added Agag – because Italy is the home and the history of the motorpsort “.

Hopes and prospects

For us it was a natural choice ”, explained Grasso. When it came to rebuilding our brand, we also had to go back to our roots, to racing. And since by 2025 all Maserati models will have the electric option, it is clear the reason to take our first step in Formula E. without excluding other options, not even Formula 1, but now is not the time to talk about it. We enter the electric category with humility – continued Grasso – but also with the ambition to be competitive “. In a coexistence that in a certain sense is also a Stellantis derby with DS, which in the last 4 years has won 3 Drivers’ World Championships and 2 Constructors.


“Beyond the aspect linked to the tradition of the brand – said Jean-Marc Finot, vice president of motorsport of the group – the Maserati in Formula E will be a technological laboratory that will allow to accelerate the development of engines and intelligent software”. A vision shared by Grasso: “We are here to speed up our electrification process, by 2025 all our cars will have the electric option”. But first of all Maserati enters Formula E to “go back to its roots”, are always Grasso’s words, to get back to racing. “We expect to be ready – concluded the CEO – maybe not to win immediately, but to work hard and put ourselves in the conditions to be able to win soon”.

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Maserati, the future is electric: from 2023 it lands in Formula E