Toyota GR Yaris Rally Cup, last round in Monza: driving

The single-make Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy, making its debut in 2021 with the racing GR Yaris, makes a stop at the Autodromo Nazionale for the season finale scheduled for Saturday 20 November: six special stages for 108 kilometers of challenge against time. All titles to be awarded, including the Gazzetta Motori Award

Giulio Masperi

Last act of the Toyota GR Yaris Rally Cup single-make during the final round of the WRC World Championship, staged between Monza and the mountains of Bergamo. The trophy reserved for racing Toyota GR Yaris, registered in the R1T 4×4 class, ends in Lombardy with the rankings open to any development, with Alessandro Ciardi defending the leadership in the absolute ranking. There are 12 crews participating in the Forum 8 Aci Rally in Monza who will be the protagonists of Saturday 20 November during six special stages for 108.24 kilometers of challenge against the time trial.


The last appointment of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy single-make series is staged in Monza, making its debut in the 2021 sports season. After the appointments at the Rally di Roma Capitale, the 1000 Miglia, the 2Valli and Modena, the protagonists of the trophy meet Lombardia – with 12 registered crews, with a race number starting from 71 – with the aim of winning points with a high specific weight. For everyone, the desire is to get on the podium set up in the Temple of Speed ​​inaugurated in 1922, on the same weekend that proposes the challenge in the WRC World Championship between Sébastien Ogier and Elfyn Evans, Toyota Gazoo Racing drivers, who at the wheel of the Yaris Wrc compete for the crown among the pilots. In the trophy the spotlight is on the Tuscan Alessandro Ciardi, in Brianza navigated by Andrea Marco Cecchi, leader since the first seasonal event in Rome, who defends a 26-point advantage over Marco Gianesini from Valtellina paired with Sabrina Fay. Behind the two expert drivers is the Rimini Angelo Pucci Grossi (39 points behind).


The single-make Toyota GR Yaris Rally Cup starts the engines for the timed stages on Saturday 20 November when the racing cars stop first in the Bergamo mountains (in the morning), then on the Autodromo Nazionale, where in the afternoon the road track, the old Sopraelevata and some (dirt) portions of streets inside the sports facility are the scene of the competition. On Saturday the canvas proposes the double passage on the “San Fermo” (14.80 km) on the occasion of the PS 8 (start from 7.38) and of the PS10 (11.08), and on the “Selvino” (24.93 km) for PS9 and PS11 (respectively from 8.33 and 12.03). In the afternoon PS12 “Sottozero 1” (14.39 km) from 15.09 and PS13 “Sottozero 2” from 17.19. The public can access the Brianza plant by purchasing the ticket and showing the green pass to watch the Toyota trophy challenge live and to participate in the entertainment activities organized in the paddock, while on the small screen on Saturday 20 November TV connections are provided ( Rai Sport + HD) live from 7.30, and delayed from 12.15.


With the fifth round of the Toyota GR Yaris Rally Cup single-make (the total prize money is 300 thousand euros) the sporting journey of the Japanese compact continues, prepared ad hoc for racing in the national category R1T 4×4 reserved for cars with all-wheel drive. The rally GR Yaris, derived from the road version with which it shares many technical contents, is equipped with the 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine capable of delivering approximately 281 Hp with a maximum torque of 381 Nm, approximately 20 Hp and 20 Nm more. compared to the GR Yaris approved for use on public roads. The racing car also uses Toyota’s GR-Four all-wheel drive system, while the specific technical features include the racing set-up, the “racing” type exhaust system, the Torsen LSD differential, a mapping dedicated electronics (and developed during the 2021 season), stabilizer bar and aerodynamic solutions that optimize performance.


With six timed stages included in the Monza Rally program, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy mono-brand will be decisive for the Gazzetta Motori Award, the award dedicated to the crew that will have won the greatest number of special stages at the end of the five rounds.

The cups that will sanction the victory of the Gazzetta Motori Award will be delivered at the beginning of December 2021 on the occasion of an appointment organized in the editorial office of de The Gazzetta dello Sport, in Milan, in the presence of the director of the newspaper Stefano Barigelli. On the eve of the Monza appointment, Federico Romagnoli leads the classification (9 points), followed by Alessandro Ciardi (7), Angelo Pucci Grossi and Marco Gianesini (4); tied fifths (2 points) Markus Manninen, Tommaso Paleari Henssler and Thomas Paperini.


After Rome, 1000 Miglia (Brescia), 2Valli (Verona), Modena, here are the rankings of the trophy reserved for Toyota GR Yaris.

Absolute ranking (top five):

1. Ciardi 125 points
2. Gianesini 99
3. Pucci Grossi 86
4. Rivia 76,5
5. Romagnoli 72

1. Pucci Grossi 125.5 points
2. Romagnoli 87,5

Team ranking (top five):

1. Emmeci 110 points
2. Hmi-Finiguerra 95
3. New Star 3 91
4. Sportec 73,5
5. Gino Wrc, Rally Sport Evolution 63

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Toyota GR Yaris Rally Cup, last round in Monza: driving