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Pitching a film by the duo Delépine-Kervern is always a very particular exercise, but it has the merit of plunging you directly into their world of jubilant absurdity.

So, a right-wing elected official (Jonathan Cohen) tries to rally a fellow ecologist (Vincent Macaigne) on the vote concerning the creation of a leisure center which will require the destruction of a primary forest. After an evening at the restaurant, the two will end up in a hostess bar where they will be trapped by extremist feminists.

They find themselves glued to each other. A crazy night awaits them.

There. We thought we had seen almost everything from our two directors, who, as always, take pleasure in twisting the codes of classic comedy to surprise us a little more each time.

In this film, we are immersed in a sweet madness perfectly mastered from start to finish and this is of course one of the duo’s trademarks. Telling a totally improbable story and making us believe in it, not only through well-felt gags but also thanks to a poetic tone that belongs only to them.

Delépine-Kerven, by their actors’ own admission, take the time to film, not necessarily respecting a strict work plan, leaving themselves the possibility of being surprised, of adapting and offering a fresh perspective.

We also rediscover with pleasure a rural France which sometimes tends to be a little forgotten by French filmmakers. A France of the real, of the simple. A country that resembles everyone.

The work with the actors is remarkable. The character of Jonathan Cohen is spineless and absolutely opportunistic, we feel he is ready to do anything to get what he wants, royally not caring about any ideology, driven only by electoral and economic interests. That of Vincent Macaigne, psychorigid ecologist, diehard, living his elected mandate as a mission, caring to the point of ridicule of his image is also perfect.

Yes, it’s a classic comedy process, having completely opposite characters confront each other, but as said above, it works and therefore it’s good.

Same speech for the supporting roles who are all perfectly in place in this offbeat little world, let us quote in particular India Hair, fantastic in the role of the feminist activist, Yolande Moreau and François Damiens, who no longer need to be presented and a little “Swiss” touch. », Laetitia Dosch, whom we always like to see.

Beyond the comic aspect of the film, the filmmakers actually give us a bittersweet reflection on many aspects of our society which often tend to fall into excess, ecology, feminism, misogyny. Everyone takes a little for their rank and that’s good.

We are not going to redo the list of previous works by Delépine-Kervern, although just to quote them, we could only advise you to see or see again “Aaltra”, “Mammuth”, “Saint Amour” or “I feel Good » among others. Aficionados know and we talk to converts.

“At the same time” is a film that feels good, so don’t hesitate, these days…

The same time
FR – 2022 – Comedy
By Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delépine
With Jonathan Cohen, Vincent Macaigne, India Hair, Jehnny Beth…
Pathé Films
06.04.2022 at the cinema

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AT THE SAME TIME: The jubilation of the absurd – Daily Movies