At the Tourne-Films Festival, the joyful melody of “band movies”

“Noisy”: this is one of the most used adjectives to describe tenet, the Christopher Nolan blockbuster released last Wednesday. The fault of a buzzing and repetitive soundtrack, which came to weigh down an already obscure scenario – and the perfect example of a film where sounds and images do not necessarily compliment each other. On the contrary, they correspond perfectly in Summer 85, the latest work by François Ozon, also in theaters, helping to set a furiously eighties decor. Sometimes unbalanced, sometimes virtuous, the dialogue that is established between music and cinema is in any case never incidental.

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It was to celebrate the (many) points of convergence between these two arts that Vincent Bossel and Noé Maggetti, director for the first, graduate in aesthetic history of cinema for the second, founded the Tourne-Films Festival last year ( TFFL): a largely free event combining screenings, concerts and round tables. Despite the pandemic, the second edition will take place next week in Lausanne, this time on the lawn of Mon-Repos park.

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“We made a pact: anyway, we were going to try to offer something while remaining ultra-flexible, explains Vincent Bossel. It was not easy on the nerves but, finally, we have an edition with a nice scale.

Marilyn and the Beatles

Five days of celebrations (with the necessary sanitary measures) devoted, after the musicals last year, to the band movies: these films which feature groups, real or fictitious, between concerts, backstage and groupies. “There is a collective and festive spirit in these films. Music becomes a vehicle for friendship, encounters, even combat, stresses Vincent Bossel. We will see it in particular in the context of a carte blanche at the Festival Cinémas d’Afrique, which presents I barely open my eyesa film directed by a Tunisian featuring the young singer of an Arab-rock group, committed to the country’s youth.

five more band movies were selected by the organizers. Or Bohemian Rhapsody or Rocketman on the horizon, but films intended to surprise the public, invited to (re)discover them. To open the ball on Wednesday, Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe, a crazy film from the 2000s with Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand and Kate Hudson. We follow the story of a teenager, hired as a music journalist by the magazine RollingStonewho finds himself following a rock band on tour and experiences his first emotions there.

Atmosphere in black and white Thursday with Some like it hot (1959), a great classic by Billy Wilder with Marilyn Monroe, which sees two musicians chased by thugs cross-dressing, joining the troupe of an orchestra… and falling under the spell of the singer with platinum curls. equally mythical, Four Boys in the Wind (1964) features Paul, John, George and Ringo flying from town to town, pursued by hysterical hordes and a scoundrel grandfather…

Psychedelic echoes

Before the screenings, concerts by local artists will echo the feature films – the psychedelic rock of the Veveysans of Mount Kōya, for example, will precede the fever of the Beatles. A conference given on Sunday by radio and TV columnist Pierre-Do Bourgknecht will even shed light on the more or less “tubesque” pieces performed on screen throughout the festival.

Another characteristic of the TFF is its love of music videos, a genre long ignored if not denigrated by the seventh art. In addition to the competition for the best musical short films, relaunched this year, a selection of the best international video clips will also be offered at the start of the evening. With a Swiss, Mei Fa Tan, in a good position. To discover outdoors and on the big screen, an exquisite combo against corona-depression.

Turn-Films Festival. Parc de Mon-Repos in Lausanne, from September 9 to 13.

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At the Tourne-Films Festival, the joyful melody of “band movies”