Bad Boys For Life: the 10 best buddy movies according to viewers

On the occasion of the theatrical release of “Bad Boys For Life”, the 3rd part of the “Bad Boys” saga, find out which are your ten favorite buddy movies.*

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1. A Day in Hell – 4.17/5

By John McTiernan

Lieutenant John McClane is back and he is asked in person by a terrorist, Simon, who threatens New York. While teaming up with Zeus, a shopkeeper from the Harlem district embarked on the adventure in spite of himself, McLane engages in a little game through the whole city, having to solve puzzles. If he misses his shot, a bomb explodes, it’s the rule imposed by Simon…

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2. Lethal Weapon – 3.95/5

By Richard Donner

Two Los Angeles police officers, Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, find themselves teammates on the same case. The two men, with frankly opposite characters, end up liking each other and must soon show all their qualities when Murtaugh’s daughter is kidnapped by former special forces agents turned drug traffickers.

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3. Hot Fuzz – 3.89/5

By Edgar Wright

In London, the policeman Nicholas Angel is the best of his team. So good that he makes his colleagues look like simple peacekeepers. The head of the brigade therefore decides to “promote” him in the small village of Sandford, where nothing happens. Alongside local policeman Danny Butterman, who dreams of becoming Mel Gibson, Nicholas settles a few minor traffic tickets. A series of strange crimes will put him back in action…

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4. Kiss kiss, bang bang – 3.83/5

By Shane Black

Runaway thief Harry Lockhart accidentally finds himself in the middle of a Hollywood thriller casting. In order to best prepare for his role, he teams up with a lawless private detective and a budding actress. They will end up getting involved in a real and mysterious murder case.

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5. The Nice Guys – 3.8/5

Of Shane Black

Los Angeles. 1970s. Two private detectives investigate the alleged suicide of a starlet. Despite their “original” methods, to say the least, their investigations will uncover a conspiracy involving very high-ranking personalities…

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6. Hitman & Bodyguard – 3.77/5

By Patrick Hughes (II)

A fearsome hitman is forced to testify against his former employer before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Interpol is then responsible for escorting him to the Netherlands and hires the best bodyguard in the business to carry out this mission. But it was without knowing that for years, the two men oppose: here they are now forced to join forces to try to survive the worst trials… From England to The Hague, they will live a delirious adventure, a hellish succession of murder attempts, chases to escape an Eastern European dictator ready to do anything to eliminate them.

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7. 21 Jump Street – 3.55/5

By Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

In high school, Schmidt and Jenko were arch-enemies, but they became buddies in police academy. Today, they are far from being part of the elite cops, but that could change… Transferred to the secret police unit, the 21 Jump Street team, led by Captain Dickson, they will trade their weapon and their badge against a backpack and use their youthful physique to infiltrate a high school. The problem is that today’s teenagers do not resemble those of their time at all. Schmidt and Jenko thought they knew everything about the youngsters but they are completely off the mark. They will also quickly realize that certain problems of their own adolescence are far from being settled. Here they are again facing the anxieties and terrors of teenagers, with an additional mission…

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8. The Irishman – 3.3/5

By John Michael McDonagh

Boyle is an Irish cop, phlegmatic and solitary, a lover of Guinness, poetry and prostitutes in his spare time. Stationed in a small village on the Irish coast where nothing ever happens, he spends his days enforcing the law… at the local pub. Unfortunately for him, drug traffickers have set their sights on this sleepy region as a base for their operations… The small Irish village will soon find itself at the heart of a major anti-drug operation led by the FBI! Bad news never comes alone, Boyle has to wrestle with Agent Everett, a determined and maniacal FBI super agent dispatched to the scene… Admittedly, the procedures of the FBI’s elite differ from those of the pot-bellied cop, little zealous and “politically incorrect”… But after all, the “local” method could well provide unexpected results!

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9. The Last Samaritan – 3.27/5

By Tony Scott

An alcoholic and cynical private detective, Joe Hallenbeck was once a secret service hero. His career was cut short, as was that of black footballer Jimmy Dix, whom he met at a nightclub where Cory performed. The assassination of the latter will launch the two men into a difficult and muscular investigation…

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10. Bad Boys – 3.26/5

From Michael Bay

If Mike Lowrey is an inveterate seducer, heir to a fortune and policeman by passion, his colleague and friend Marcus Burnett is a tidy, married man and father of a family. Their friendship does not prevent them from having completely different methods. But the disappearance of a hundred kilos of heroin, stolen from the very premises of the narcotics brigade, will make them forget their concept of how to exercise their profession, in order to pursue the thieves.

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* According to the audience ratings of the AlloCiné barometer and for films with at least 1000 ratings.

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Bad Boys For Life: the 10 best buddy movies according to viewers