Films and series to watch on Salto in February 2022: Research Section, Evil, Pride and Prejudice…

Salto has just unveiled the films and series that will join the platform’s catalog for the month of February. Between season 2 of “Evil”, “A Very British Scandal” and “Pride and Prejudice”, the program promises to be busy.


Upcoming series

FEBRUARY 4 : Everybody lies – season 1 Drama / Thriller

The small coastal town of Belmonte sees its tranquility shattered when the video of Macarena having sex with Ivan, her student and the son of her best friend, is published on the Internet. The revelation of their relationship will shake the city and bring out all its secrets…

Avec Irene Arcos, Natalia Verbeke, Leonardo Sbaraglia …

FEBRUARY 4 : A Very British Scandal – saison 1 Drama / Biopic

The chronicle of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll’s divorce, one of the most notorious court cases of the 20th century. Famous for her charisma, beauty and style, Margaret, Duchess of Argyll made headlines during a divorce marred by accusations of forgery, theft, violence, drug use, taping secrecy, corruption and an explicit Polaroid photo, all in the spotlight of the British media of the 1960s.

With Claire Foy, Paul Bettany, Olwen May…

FEBRUARY 11TH : Evil – saison 2 Fantasy / Horror

Evil draws closer to home in Season 2. Kristen struggles with her dark nature, while David is gripped by temptation as he nears his ordination. Meanwhile, Ben is haunted by night terrors that prey on his greatest fears.

With Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi…

FEBRUARY 11TH : Research Section – complete Police officer

The research section is a special unit of the national gendarmerie, in charge of the most complex cases, from the most heinous crimes to the kidnapping of children. In search of witnesses, the team is empowered to extend its investigations beyond our borders.

Avec Xavier Deluc, Franck Semonin, Chrystelle Labaude…

FEBRUARY 18 : The Lost Symbol from Dan Brown – season 1 Drama / Thriller

The early adventures of Robert Langdon, as his mentor is kidnapped and he must solve a series of deadly puzzles to find him. With the CIA, the one who will become the famous Harvard symbologist, will uncover a frightening conspiracy…

Avec Ashley Zukerman, Eddie Izzard, Valorie Curry…

FEBRUARY 18 : Pandora – season 1 Drama / Thriller

Brussels, two months before the elections. The campaign in full swing is disrupted by a corruption investigation. Then comes a tragic attack that will cause the collision of several characters, each defending his own truth. An investigating judge, a politician, an activist and a journalist will be led to do things that go beyond anything they could have imagined.

With Anne Coesens, Salomé Richard, Yoann Blanc…

FEBRUARY 22 : All American : Homecoming – saison 1 en US+24 Drama

The All American series spin-off follows Simone Hicks, a young tennis hopeful from Beverly Hills, and Damon, an elite baseball player from Chicago, as they juggle their athletic careers at a prestigious HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and issues of adulthood.

Avec Geffri Maya Hightower, Peyton Alex Smith, Cory Hardrict…

FEBRUARY 25 : The Middle – intégrale Comedy

Forget athletes, movie stars, politicians… Parents are the real heroes! And from this point of view, Frankie is even a superheroine! With her husband and 3 children, she has always lived in Orson, Indiana. This small family is part of the majority: the middle class.

With Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Eden Sher…

Main upcoming movies

FEBRUARY 4 : The Thomas Lilti Collection

First year
country doctor

FEBRUARY 11TH : The Valentine’s Day collection

Oh mama !
Mamma Mia ! Here we go again
Pride and Prejudice
Love & Friendship
When Harry Met Sally

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Films and series to watch on Salto in February 2022: Research Section, Evil, Pride and Prejudice…