How To Watch The Despicable Me Movies Streaming

Despicable Me was a huge break for Illumination Studios as well as Universal Pictures when it first released back in 2010. That’s right. The first movie is going to be a tween this year in 2022 and I can hardly believe it. 

Regardless, after all this time, four movies out, and so much Minion merchandise I think I may be dizzy, the Despicable Me series has been a game-changer for animated movies, creating a franchise that everyone from kids to adults love. If you’re looking for a cute movie night and want to binge through every single one available right now, check out where you can watch the Despicable Me movies, including Minions. 

The main characters in Despicable Me.

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Despicable Me (2010)

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How To Watch The Despicable Me Movies Streaming