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Gotham is plunged into dark hours ruled by the underworld, it is struggling to breathe. A mysterious murderous vigilante terrorizes one part of the city and delights another. Gotham is divided to its core. Nobody knows who is friend, who is enemy. Batman, is he really the last hope to see reborn the dream of a city where everyone can live fairly?

Batman is the shadow. This terrible and reassuring shadow at the same time. Here is the basis of reflection of this film. We all come across in turn with more or less pleasure Catwoman, the Pinguin, the Phoenix or E. Nigma, and even the Joker briefly. Everything is black, dark, gothic and bitter in this opus, a vision of the universe of the bat which is interesting and absolutely psychoanalytical. The group therapy that we attend for no less than three hours is instructive on the essence and the biography of certain characters, but much too slow. Ok the atmosphere, the sets, the costumes and the music, moreover splendid, must stick to the games of the actors. There is no need to crate them either. Although Robert Pattinson is an actor who has nothing more to show in the mastery of his art, he is not very credible in the role of Bruce Wayne, even disillusioned. On the other hand, Zoé Kravitz is impeccable in Catwoman and Paul Dano makes a much better Edward Nigma or Nashton than his sidekick in his time Jim Carrey.

The production went all out, as they say, on the sets and the actors certainly had to push the limits of their tolerances for bad weather and cold. New York aka Gotham is known for its torrential rains, but here, we are in some shots at the limit of the diving suit and the flippers. Andy Serkis is so natural in the role of Alferd Pennyworth that we almost forget Michael Caine. The gothic architecture chosen for Wayne Manor as for the cemetery reinforces the impression of disillusionment and morbidity transmitted throughout the plot. Intrigue which is not really one, at least for the fans. Perhaps neophytes and the curious will get caught up in the investigation game. An important downside: the batmobile. We must note the fact that she is reduced to a ridiculous dragster, which makes her lose all of her superb legend. If there is a symbol that should not be distorted, it was this one. Even Batman says it in the 1997 interpretation: “girls are crazy about it!”.

The costume, on the other hand, is more successful and the gadgets are better arranged, in any case more believable. The relationship between Sélina and Bruce is brought up again and the script scratches the veneer of the legend of the Waynes to make them more authentic. All of this ultimately provides an excellent franchise film, with the real feel of the 21st century, with this need to get rid of all black or all white. No one is blameless in life. I sincerely think that the fans of which I belong will appreciate this chapter and that they are not finished debating it. For the others, must see, maybe he will arouse future passions for the wealthy bat or rather for his allies and his enemies, because it must be admitted, Batman is relatively tasteless without his fortune, Alfred and all the characters who live in orbit around him, don’t see any malice there, I’m a fan, I tell you…

The Batman
USA – 2021 – Action
By Matt Reeves
With Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Andy Serkis
Warner Bros.
02.03.2022 at the cinema

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THE BATMAN – Shadow Autopsy – Daily Movies