This will be Lifetime Xmas Movies, the Christmas special led by a Mariah Carey film

The Christmas This is the perfect time to take advantage of all the themed content that the tv channels and streaming platforms are preparing for this time of year. And although it is full of classics like the grinchavailable in services such as netflix Where Amazon Prime VideoThe truth is that it’s always a good opportunity to rewatch new productions featuring big stars.

Lifetime is the perfect example. Is the channel preparing a special that will air in the next few days under the title Lifetime Christmas Movies and which can be consulted from all over Latin America, also on request. Its traditional Christmas film package will feature 9 proposals that will premiere on weekends in December.

The company has produced and directed over 100 Christmas films, and will include the best of them in the special it is preparing for 2021.”Each of the productions is designed to be enjoyed with the family and on Christmas Eve“They pointed out from Lifetime. And it will feature movies like Fashionable Christmas, Once upon a time at Christmas, a very special Christmas, Santa’s Gang, Eve’s Christmas Miracle Yes christmas lace.

However, the main attraction will come with the Christmas special featuring Mariah Carey: An air of Christmas. Ideal to watch this season, it is one of the best proposals of the special programming, with christmas datelead by fran drescher Yes Santa Claus in which the actor Mario López shines under the direction of Melissa Joan Hart. Check out all the trailers and previews for each of them here!

+ Upcoming Christmas Movies on Lifetime

– the day of Christmas

Release date: December 11

Distribution: Blake Lee, Fran Drescher, Ben Lewis, Chad Connell.

Parcel: Hugo meets Patrick at his local Christmas festivities and as they spend time together, the attraction they feel becomes undeniable. But when he receives a promotion that requires him to move to London, he will have to decide what is most important to him. Will love triumph?

– Once Upon a Christmas

Release date: December 11

Distribution: Vanessa Lachey and Ryan McPartlin.

Parcel: Amelia Lewis is very excited when she plans to open a Christmas shop. But her celebration stops when she discovers that Vic Manning has also made an offer on the property she wanted. Amélia and Vic have the same idea, seek out the owner of the place, Elder Dubois, and convince him to sell them their space. Despite the holidays, Elder is depressed. It’s the first Christmas without his wife, and he’s in no mood to chair the decorating committee for the annual Christmas Battle. Hoping to convince Elder, Amelia and Vic volunteer to return to their duties. After continuously fighting and trying to defeat each other, the two fighters learn to work together and put their differences aside for the greater good. They realize that commitment is the key to a happy, romantic ending.

– Santa Claus

Release date: December 12

Distribution: Mario Lopez, Anna Lynne McCord, Paulina Chavez.

Parcel: David Morales (Mario López), an Arizona high school principal and single father, has lost the Christmas spirit after also losing his wife a few years ago during the Christmas season. Now David will do anything to avoid Christmas, so he works as a delivery boy during the holidays. But this year, David’s 14-year-old daughter, Noel (Paulina Chavez), and her sister, Marissa (Marycarmen López), are determined to bring the Christmas spirit back into the family and hopefully help David too. online dating. So when Sophie (AnnaLynne McCord), a witty musician and customer on David’s delivery route, hits him squarely, something magical happens between them.

– Fashionable Christmas

Release date: December 16

Distribution: Ryan Cooper, Katie Leclerc, Celeste Olviva, Caroline Portu.

Parcel: Since the death of her father, Emily has run her family’s dairy farm with the help of her mother and her best friend. But this Christmas the farm fell on hard times, so Emily’s sister, Dorothy, who is Emily’s co-owner, and her attractive business partner, Charlie, offered to sell the farm. Emily comes up with an ingenious plan to buy her sister’s stock and host an online Christmas ice cream flavor contest that goes viral using a key ingredient, Charlie’s Amazing Apple Pie. Fashionable Christmas ice cream was born! Even as the Christmas Eve shopping deadline approaches, Emily needs a Christmas miracle to save her farm and her father’s inheritance in time for a Merry Christmas.

– A very special Christmas

Release date: December 18

Distribution: Damon Runyan, Sarah Carter, George Canyon, Paul Popowich.

Parcel: Holly, an aspiring astronomy teacher and Christmas lover, is devastated when her longtime boyfriend Adam plans a business trip and leaves her alone for the holidays. When she decides to surprise Adam and his parents with a Christmas visit, however, fate intervenes, or perhaps the Christmas spirit. Holly’s hectic vacation trip takes a romantic turn when she and her bus partner Luke forge an instant bond about their love of the constellations and Christmas. In the spirit of the season, Holly invites Luke and his brother Bull to join her family and Adam for Christmas, instantly creating a competition between Luke and Adam for Holly’s attention. As sparks fly like shooting stars between Holly and Luke.

– The Santa Claus band

Release date: December 19

Distribution: Rebecca Dalton, Aaron.

Parcel: An unemployed art teacher takes on a job far removed from anything she’s done so far: helping a wealthy widower and his two young daughters rediscover the magic of Christmas.

– A Christmas melody

Release date: December 24

Distribution: Mariah Carey, Karri O’Reilly, Jennifer Shapiro.

Parcel: This film directed by Mariah Carey and with the acting participation of Lacey Chambert, Brennan Elliott and Carey, tells how a gift of music transports people to another time and another place where they find their truest feelings.

– Eve’s Christmas Miracle

Release date: December 25th

Distribution: LeAnn Rimes, Tyler Hynes, Gwenyth Walsh, Laurie Murdoch.

Parcel: As the school’s acting superintendent, Eve (LeAnn Rimes) cuts budgets and is now in her hometown, where she’s on staff. Her handsome neighbor Liam (Tyler Hynes) is a music teacher and Eve thinks her schedule should be cut. But luckily, your friend is married to a computer scientist, who set up a direct donation website to save the arts program. Launched at the tree lighting ceremony where Liam’s students will perform, the website could provide the Christmas miracle the town needs. Already the universe is cooperating. Eve is back home and she, Liam and their daughter seem to be celebrating many Christmases to come.

– Christmas laces

Release date: December 26

Distribution: Mia Topalian, Bailey Chase, Jessica Morris, Austin R. Grant.

Parcel: After a fight with her mother, Jennifer must volunteer at a homeless shelter in hopes of learning compassion for others. Through this new experience, Jennifer creates a bond with the staff.

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This will be Lifetime Xmas Movies, the Christmas special led by a Mariah Carey film