Will Hoge: “Tiny Little Movies”, like in the movies

Pixies are back! For this third album since the reformation, the group from Massachusetts is strong, confirming the powerful songwriting of Black Francis

There are a lot of ghosts in the new album of the Pixies. Recorded in an old church in Woodstock during a freezing winter, Beneath The Eyrie is the third disc since the reformation. Album of which Black Francis is “ very proud ” but on which he sees himself badly epilogue. And yet… If Beneath The Eyrie is inspired, as its title suggests, by an eagle’s nest located just above the dilapidated church of Woodstock, it also finds its source in the terrifying worlds of Edgar Allan Poe or Mary Shelley, without forgetting the religious references dear to Black Francis. ” From the start, I wanted a gothic, disturbing, slightly bizarre atmosphere… he explains. The landscape that surrounded us for the recording, these rivers and the fog only accentuated this aspect. There were also a lot of animals in the walls, you can hear them without seeing them, especially in the evening ! So the Pixies work at night? Joey Santiago, the band’s guitarist, corrects: ” Officially, no. During the day, we record with the producer, and at night we have dinner between us, we jam and we laugh. About producer, it is Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood) who has replaced the faithful Gil Norton since Head Carrier (2016) . “ We loved Gil, but something new was needed. Tom did not disappoint us: he has ideas, energy… and believes in our talent, which is the main thing”. With good reason: at fifty years old, the angry timbre of Black Francis and the guitar riffs of Joey Santiago work like clockwork. As for bassist Paz Lenchantin, she became more and more involved in the group, going so far as to participate in the writing of songs such as “Los Surfers Muertos”.

“Since we finally realized that the music had saved us, the group is at peace. »

Summoning natural elements such as the sky, water, wind or the moon, laughing at death while accepting its threatening presence, Under the Beneath holds within it typical rock anthems of the group such as “This is My Fate”, “Ready for Love” or “Silver Bullet”. Melody, rage, dark stories of drowning or ghosts… In terms of influences, Santiago evokes new wave, cabaret, bossa nova, Ennio Morricone, 60s surf rock (evident in “Long Rider” or “St. Nazaire”), Francis insists on the power of a guitar in which he has embedded one of his teeth. A molar, to be precise. ” What also mattershe says, suddenly sentimental, it is the solidity of Pixies. We rely on each other a lot. We are a real tribe. While we raise a dubious eyebrow, he adds: ” and so, like any family, if we love each other, we also appreciate not seeing each other. »

Hardly surprising when you think of the turmoil of the past, the falling out with Kim Deal at the arrival of Paz Lenchantin, passing through the detoxification treatments of the two accomplices. The family is always a bit dysfunctional…” We’ve had therapy, so it’s bettersays Santiago. Since we finally realized that the music had saved us, the group is at peace. “Well, almost: the conclusion “Death Horizon” speaks as well of the end of a romantic relationship (in this case that of Black Francis) as that of the world to come. Between now and the apocalypse, a wish to fulfill? Both agree: you have to meet Bob Dylan. ” And don’t screw up too much in our lives concludes Black Francis. Wise decision !

Interview by Sophie Rosemont

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Will Hoge: “Tiny Little Movies”, like in the movies