June 12, 2021

DiGiCo Quantum338 console mixes sound in church Living Word Christian Center

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DiGiCo Quantum338 Console was installed in a church for worship services with capacity for 3000 people, updating the FOH mixing system.

Forty years ago, Mac and Lynne Hammond stood before a gathering of a dozen people in a small meeting room at the Radisson Hotel in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA, marking the founding of the Living Word Christian Center (LWCC). Today, the church’s membership stands at 10,000, and the much larger congregation now meets in a beautiful church with a 3,000-seat fan-shaped sanctuary in Brooklyn Park.

With exponential membership growth and facility expansion, production requirements have increased, prompting LWCC to upgrade its FOH mixing position with a new DiGiCo Quantum338 mixing console combined with an equipped SD-Rack. with 32-bit ADC / DAC cards and ST optics. Local integrator Audio Logic Systems supplied and installed the new equipment, and simultaneously upgraded the church’s existing DiGiCo SD8-24 monitor console SD-Rack with ST fiber optic connectors, placing both consoles and SD-Racks in a loop Optocore.

“We hold four services each week, and our music style here is contemporary, in the vein of the Jesus, Bethel and Elevation culture,” describes LWCC Lead Audio Engineer Scott Fahy. “The band generally consists of drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, one or two keyboards and Ableton tracks, with four to six vocalists leading the way, so on average our weekly channel count is around 35. tickets more or less. However, for special events, we can add a Hammond B3, five trumpets, a string section, eight to ten more vocalists, and hopefully at some point we can get our choir to sing again. So we really needed a console that could better accommodate our growing number of channels. “

Fahy shares the mixing time on the new Q338 with another person who is no stranger to the DiGiCo platform: Robert “Cubby” Colby, a local FOH audio engineer who has worked with Prince, Britney Spears, Phil Collins / Genesis, Shakira , Juanes and many other big names in popular music. He has volunteered to help mix at LWCC for the past three years, on and off as his touring schedule has allowed. As a long-time user of DiGiCo consoles, particularly the large-format SD7 and SD5, Colby says he was immediately wowed by the new Quantum console.

“I was immediately captivated by the three 17-inch screens and the meter bridge hood; it’s a beautiful looking and sounding console, ”enthuses Colby. “Having 38 faders on the top layer gives you great handling knowing that you can organize your inputs, returns, control groups and ‘reference’ subgroups in any way. It’s amazing what two more faders on that layer can do for you! As for what you are used to seeing in the SD range, the design is very similar and familiar. The faders and knobs are different but still perfectly accurate. DiGiCo has also added 32-bit converters to the local mic / line and all eight local line outputs, which is great! “

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